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Dear Whitelabel Partners, 

First of all, we would like to thank you for being a part of our Whitelabel Program. We do hope you have managed to get the best out of it and that it has helped you offer the cheapest flights to your audience and gain good revenues. 

As you know, we at Dohop do not own the whole process of selling flight tickets. We rely quite a lot on vendors when it comes to getting the right data, sharing the right commission, and providing the best flights to you and your audience.

And that is something that has often stopped us from offering you the best experience.

For this reason we are indefinitely shutting down the Whitelabel Program.

What next?

As you know, we normally pay revenues only when €300 have been reached by any affiliate account. In this case however we will decrease the threshold to €100 and allow you 3 more months to reach that amount, if it is not already in your account. 

That means you can still use your whitelabels for 3 more months and still earn revenues for the same period of time.

On the 30th of April however, we will pay everyone who has a minimum of €100 and the program will be permanently shut down meaning you will not be able to show the flight search engine on your website or allow your audience to search and find flights. 

We do hope that this is enough time for you to find a replacement for your Dohop whitelabels and that this will in no way disrupt your activity or that of your clients. 

We thank you for your understanding and our time together. 

Kind regards,
The Dohop Team
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