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Wyoming Arts Council
As a national initiative of South Arts - building partnerships with arts agencies outside of the southeast region is essential to the ArtsReady movement. The Wyoming Arts Council is the latest state arts agency to partner with ArtsReady. We're looking forward to working with the WAC to help the state of Wyoming "Grow, Connect, and Thrive in the arts." (see page 2-3 of the WAC Artscapes Magazine for more)...

City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs  
We are delighted to have the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs join the ArtsReady movement – bringing 24 local arts organizations from throughout southern California on board with them! All 24 organizations have begun building customized readiness plans using the ArtsReady Premium Membership platform! (more)...
Basic Members
785 members
in 47 states!
Premium Members
157 members (412 users)
in 27 states!

Louisiana Cultural Connection  
April 22-23, 2014  Baton Rouge, LA

ArtsReady Assessment Webinar
April 22 & April 24, 2:00 - 2:45 PM EST
Send RSVP to  Please tell us the date you will attend, your name, and your organizations.

Americans for the Arts (AFTA) Annual Convention  
June 12-15, 2014  Nashville, TN

Feeling a little defeated about
not tackling those To-Dos?

Relax, no need to make haste - just stay committed, and keep a few pointers in mind to help you reach your readiness goal...

Set realistic To-Do-dates
Share responsibilities
Tackle easy tasks first
Remember to check items as "Completed"

Look out for an announcement for our To-Do Webinar in May 2014!

National Hurricane Preparedness Week
May 25 - May 31


The ArtsReady online emergency preparedness platform was created out of our experiences in the Southeast region with hurricanes Katrina and Rita. However, we have all learned that hurricanes and severe storms threaten us no matter where we are located. We continue to be fervent about mitigating losses within the arts community during hurricane disasters. Visit the hurricane preparedness sites below and view the ArtsReady severe weather tips to help you prepare for our next hurricane.
ArtsReady Severe Weather Tips

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Alabama State
Council on the Arts

City of Los Angeles,
Department of
Cultural Affairs

Cultural Council of
Palm Beach County

Florida Division of
Cultural Affairs

Georgia Council
for the Arts

Kentucky Arts Council
Louisiana Division of
the Arts/Baton Rouge
Area Foundation

Michigan Council
for Arts and
Cultural Affairs

Mississippi Arts Commission
North Carolina
Arts Council

South Carolina Arts Commission
Virginia Commission
for the Arts



Americans for the Arts
Association of Performing Arts Presenters
Chorus America

League of Historic
American Theatres

National Alliance for
Musical Theatres

North American
Performing Arts
Managers and Agents

National Assembly of
State Arts Agencies

National Performance Network
Theatre Communications Group
Western Arts Alliance


Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Wyoming Arts Council

Attention ArtsReady

Are you ffiliated with any of our partners listed above?  You may qualify for a discount on an ArtsReady Premium Membership.

With a
you'll be able to...

- Assess your
organization for its readiness

- Develop and maintain a
customized comprehensive emergency preparedness plan

- Safely store your organization's Critical Stuff- accessible
anytime, and from anywhere


- Join the Battle Buddy Network

- Contribute to the ArtsReady
Library and the ongoing
national readiness movement


For more information about an ArtsReady Premium Membership Contact: Omar Nelson,
ArtsReady Membership Manager, (404) 874-7244 ext28

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