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Just 35 Hosted Accommodation properties Australia wide have been assessed to meet the rigorous standards set by AAA to Five-star level and Albany boasts three – the highest concentration of any town Australia wide. HideAway Haven is one of them :-) We all got together for a photo shoot for our press release.  Photo was taken at The Boatshed Markets.  Click HERE to read both articles and also a link to the Caribbean News where our news hit their travel page.

Rats Wine and Tapas Bar
Our long time friend and up and coming 'celebrity chef ' Dan Sharp is the chef and all the dishes are his inspired creations.  You can taste the passion Dan has for local seafood and local fresh produce in each bite. With Matt, who runs front of house and Dan this is definitely the place to enjoy some fine dining. Dan's menu which has been designed to enjoy sharing small plates of food.  We loved it!!  The menu showcases great wine from the region.

RATS is an acronym for Ralph, Astrid, Trish and Sarah from the Flowers family who own RATS and also Bay Merchants next door.


Whale Watching Cruises - SailAWay with HideAway

HideAway Haven have partnered with Sail-A-Way and now sell tickets for their cruises.  Ask about tickets when you book or check in.  

Here is an excerpt from one of their newsletters
How can we put today's experience?
Wild wind, wild waves, wild whales... or wild weather and wonderful wildlife display?
We left the marina hoping to find something special for our wonderful guests. Out near Whale World we spotted the other charter boat and we soon catch up with two Humpbacks, which are playfully swimming around and under the boats in the company of some dolphins and a hammerhead shark. 
Once our passengers feel they had enough of these two whales and their companions, we venture out into deeper waters to catch up with a juvenile that continually leaps out of the water. On the way there we pass 6 other Humpbacks, but following the wishes of our passengers, we press on to get a closer look at the show-off. He must have got exhausted, as his leaps turn into pectoral fin slapping when we get closer. We watch for a while before turning in to Seal cove for some hot tucker and a look at the seals. Returning home it gets a bit wet for the skipper, but the passengers are all happily tucked away in the cabin with some hot drinks and yummy home made scones with jam and cream. Once the squall has passed the sun comes back out and we spot another pod of whales (5?) which are having some fun playing chasey with some more dolphins. As they are heading in the general direction of home for us, we stay in their company for a while before finally saying goodbye and heading home. 
It is always a privilege to see the joy and radiance of happy passengers at the end of a cruise! Thanks to all of you who make our work such fun!

Albany's Farmers Markets

We are so blessed to live in Albany where there is so much choice for fresh local foods.  At the Albany Farmers Market the REAL FARMERS from their farms  come and sell FRESH produce they have grown or reared themselves.  This food has travelled just a few kilomtres, not thousands. An established top spot to shop for the day to day and for the unexpected and unusual!  The quality and range of product EVERY week is enormous - not only every imaginable type of fruit, vegetable and salad vegetable, but also 
Organic Beef and Lamb;  Free Range Pork, Bacon, Ham; Free Range Chicken; Fish, Rock Lobster, Crab, Yabbies, Honey, Breads, Cow & Goat Yoghurt, Soft Cow & Goat Cheese,  Ice-creams, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Eggs, Jams, Preserves,  Plants and Fresh Flowers together with a complementary selection of Organic grown vegetables and much much more.  We do our weekly shopping here week, to ensure our guests get the freshest food available but also to support our local farmers by buying LOCAL. By buying local, we conserve the large amount of energy used in both the packaging, refrigeration and shipping of food therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Breakfast @ HideAway Haven


Belgian Waffles served with fresh strawberries marinated in maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar and Brioche French Toast with Caramelised Pears drizzled with cream and maple syrup. Two of our very popular breakfast items.

Flash Flocked

This is a fundraising initiative for ‘Go Cambodia’.   A note was left that if we paid their group a donation, they would remove the flock and send it to the yard of any friend.  We sent it on another accommodation  in Albany. Go Cambodia sends teams of volunteers to Cambodia to help families and children.


Our Healing Waters Jacuzzi

Soaking in our Jacuzzi not only feels amazing it is also good for you. The water in our Jacuzzi is saturated with Ozone (O3) and research has shown that it improves our blood circulation, relaxes muscles, balances the immune system, relieves arthritic pain and ensures faster recovery from injuries. Why not take a dip in our Jacuzzi, enjoy the stars and let the healing waters do its job on your body.

What's on in Albany

Harbourside Concert Series  4 July - 22 August, 2013  Click HERE to see the whole program

What's on in Albany 5 - 25 July 2013.  click HERE to download program

We recently received our 2013 Trip Advisor 'Certificate of Excellence 'Award.

Thank you to all our guests who have taken the time to write reviews,   50% of our guests chose HideAway Haven because of your reviews.  We now have 98 reviews. Looking forward to reaching 100!!

Our beautiful birds
Becki has been having some fun with her new camera.  Click on the photos to see more of our gorgeous birds.

Till next time

Becki & Maggie
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