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This week, a AAA inspector visited HideAway Haven to reassess our 5 star rating.  This is a yearly inspection.  Our inspector was again very impressed with the building, facilities and extra services provided for our pampered guests, resulting in a five star rating in the Hosted Accommodation category.

Five stars in this category are properties that typify excellence across all areas of operation.  Guests will enjoy an extensive range of facilities and comprehensive or highly personlised service.  These properties will display excellent design quality and attention to detail.  We can again proudly display this sign at HideAway Haven.


We also received our Certificate of Excellence for the 2nd year in a row from Trip Advisor.  A big thank you to all of you who took the time to write a review on Trip Advisor.  As the majority of our guests either find us on Trip Advisor or because of your review, this is so important to us.  Another sign we can proudly display.

We picked up a new cookbook 'Rediscover the Pear' from Woolworths. There are so many interesting recipes in the book, it just had to be added to our collection.  With pears available at the the Farmers Markets and at the fruit road side stall in Mount Barker, they were featured on our breakfast menu this weekend. 

French Toast with Caramelised Beurre Bose Pears (fresh from the farmers market ) with maple syrup and pear Bircher Muesli.


A regular on our menu for the health conscious is Pear, Chai and Cinnamon Smoothie


We have just returned from a visit to the States to visit Becki's family.  We did a lot of eating out, experimenting with different ideas for breakfast.  We realised pretty quickly that we really do eat with our eyes first...especially when this was served. Eggs, Sausage and Grits.  Southern Food and Becki's Dad favourite breakfast.  We put a lot of time and effort into presenting our food so that it looks good as well as tastes good.  We will feature some of the great food we enjoyed and  the not so great in future newsletters.

We were published in the very first edition of South West Investment & Property.  This story was commissioned by Bob Cronin - Editor in Chief of The West Australian.  Photo's by our favourite photographer Laurie Benson...you always make us look good :-) Story was titled   HideAway a 'Haven for Romance.  Click on the link to read the whole article.

Whale Watching Season - has arrived.

From a newsletter received today from Albany Whale Tours 'Sail A Way'

'Today was soooo……lovely, in the ocean wilderness.
Chester, our spotter, led us to two humpbacks that allowed us to get glimpses of their energetic lives…… not interested in us really – but we managed good glimpses of their power and ocean grace.
But, best of all – in the seal cove, the waves were thundering right up a sloping rock face – higher than I’ve ever seen these – then of course, gravity won and tons of frothing green surged back against the oncoming green roller…What beauty….In all this green and white, six sleek, black New Zealand fur seals surfed the turmoil in complete contempt for all the ocean could do.  Twenty metres away, in a safe, calm eddy, we watched in astonishment.  Twenty minutes later, we sat on a motionless boat, silhouetted on a motionless ocean, 5 metres from a towering ancient rock face. 
In complete silence, the ocean whispered it’s secrets to a rapt, silent human audience.'

Book your whale watching tour with us and receive a 10% discount.  

There are a lot of beautiful walks in our area, and though we have lived here for 7 years, we are still discovering magic spots.  Found this one on a recent early morning walk.

Thanks to all our guests who have taken the time to complete our survey.  As a result we have installed lights along the driveway, for guests returning late at night, added Soup @ 6 for guests who arrive hungry and are too tired to go out and eat, found new ways to serve our poached eggs so they arrive hot and have made some minor repairs that were mentioned.

We now have 96 reviews on Trip Advisor....heading towards the big 100!!  

We have had new signs installed, showing our new logo.  They are far more welcoming than our previous one.  Heidi now welcomes all our guests.

If you have been a guest and had your photo taken, click on the photo to meet all our other guests as well.

Till next time
Becki & Maggie

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