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And the winner is:....

Competition judge, Claire Hanson of Hanson Executive Management has decided on the winner of the 'Girls GetAway @ HideAway' package.

Thank you to everyone who entered and we are sorry that there can be only one winner.  Becki & I decided to remove ourselves as judges as we wanted to give you all the prize :-).  You are all awesome supporters of HideAway Haven and we appreciate you all.

and the winner is:

Lesley Dewar

Two granddaughters who have never met
An absent father, a daughter bereft
Bridging the gap, a Nana's joys
Welcome the girls, loving the boys
Hair in rollers, wine in the glass
Three of us, indulging with class.

Competition judge, Claire Hanson of HEM, described Lesley’s entry as “Creative and heart-warming: a tribute to a grandmother’s love for her family. Congratulations, Lesley!”

The team at Girls GetAway @ HideAway congratulate you Lesley and look forward to meeting you and your two grand daughters...what a reunion that will be :-)

Entries with the most votes will receive a 3 course authentic Italian Dinner (value $130.00) during your stay at HideAway Haven. (Valid for next 12 months).

The winners are

Andrea Crocker

The Boyfriend (in need of peace aka Luke)

Elizabeth Rowe

Rachel Grainger

Helen Steike

Congratulations Andrea, Luke, Elizabeth, Rachel and Helen.  We look forward to serving you sometime in the next 12 months.

HideAway Haven Teddies

The fun continues with the our Teddies.  This week we had two couples travelling together who combined their teddies to leave us with our 'Gambling Teddies'.  What a joy to walk into the room and see how creative our guests have been.  Sets the tone for the big check out work ahead.


Gambling Teddies

We have now decided to run a competition on who leaves their teddy in the most original pose.  There will be a winner each month.  Winners will be served a Lasagna Dinner and a glass of wine during their next stay at HideAway Haven.  Awesome work Ian & Linda and John & Teresa .
We had 2 winners in May.

Crying Teddy  Hammock Teddy

It has been an event filled couple of weeks at the Haven.....with two engagements - Congratulations Matte & Lucy and Keith & Linda, Honeymoon - Congratulations Tom & Naomi and a Wedding Night - Congratulations Vaughn & Serena.

Whale Watching

The Whales are back!!! 

This was taken from the Albany Whale Tours web page 

Friday 15 June

Three Humpbacks were making quite a splash today - and what perfect timing;  aboard 'Sail-A-Way' four of the 16 passengers were from "What's up Down Under" a very popular Channel 10 TV show.

We sailed with me (John) as skipper.  I always have a sleepless night before hosting TV or radio presenters, but I needn't have worried.  We saw dolphins, seals, albatross and whales.

Passing squalls lashed King George Sound, but the guests just hunkered in the cabin, sipped coffee, ate the hot food, and made friends.  After each 15-minute squall, a wonderful rainbow, brief sunshine and through it all the whale search went on.

Wonderful spotting by Geoff and Tony, our crew; noticed tail slapping in the white caps and all our guests voted to 'press on' and join the three whales.  Fortunately they seemed as eager as we for calm waters and the mammal community - whales and human - sheltered in calmer water behind Breaksea Island.

Our TV 'celebs' raved about Albany's beauty and hidden secrets, and so did the parents of the little children on board.

What a relief - the trip took a little longer than we all planned....but who cares when the beauty is so generous.

Saturday 9 June A total of 9 humpbacks seen...fabulous sightings...around Breaksea Island.
Friday 8 June Once more, fine, mild and calm weather.  Four Humpbacks around Breaksea Island.  Stayed with them for half an hour then ventured further to the channel between the islands to watch the antics of the seals as they dived from 10 metres above the water.  Then on the return home, the gift of another pod of 5 Humpbacks.  One breached very close to the vessel to many 'oohs and aahhs'.
Thursday 7 June

Mid first week of the whale season and 7 Humpback whale visitors seen from Albany Whale Tours catamaran on Sunday. 

What a fabulous start; breaching, tail-slapping...and 2 small whales doing synchronised leaps.  As they fell back to the water they capped it all with synchronised shows of their tails pointing skywards in a dive.

Saturday, a mother and calf took time to visit Sail-A-Way for a long look at the humans, before 'going about their business' checking out Princess Royal Harbour.

The bad weather passes, hopefully today, and we sail again Friday morning 8th June.

and this is a blog from  Albany Ocean Adventures

Breaching Whales

Bernie comes down to the boat just before we depart the marina to tell me that there are 2 whales close to a boat that is currently at "Gia Batter Reef" But he tells me that they are very quiet. We head out over a beautifully calm King George Sound to find the boat but can not find the whales. Bernie radios me and tells me that it looks like a couple of quiet whales are out close to Breaksea Island, we continue slowly out towards the seal colony on Breaksea Island, still not finding any whales. We head towards Limestone Head and as we get close and no doubt with the passengers now thinking we will not see any whales, I spot 2 very quiet whales heading towards us close to the coast. The call of "there she blows"  brings everybody to the bow or upstairs to see what I have found. I knock the boat out of gear so we can see which way the whales are travelling. The whales appear off to our port side so we turn to follow them. In my mind I am thinking that this is going to be a quiet day with just a few tail shots form these whales for our passengers to capture. Then they break loose, both whales burst from the surface and continue to breach for about 20 minutes. At times breaching very close to us. These whales were so close at times as they burst from the water you could see every marking on their bellies. It is about now I am wondering why I left my camera on the back seat of my car back at the marina. The whales are making their way towards Bald Head, and after a while they start to quieten down. At times laying on their side and slapping their pectoral fin on the sea surface. We follow them a little further and then head home. With the whales behind us every body is busy checking to see if they had captured the spectacular show we had all witnessed. There were some great shots. Message to self "don't leave camera in car again".

or have a look at the video.  Click HERE

ow is the perfect time to grab your camera and some warm clothes and take one of these whale watching cruises.  When booking at HideAway Haven we will give you 10% off 2 tickets on a Sail-a-Way Whale Watching Cruise.


Winter is here and with it comes cold nights and gorgeous days, awesome sunrises and the occasional storm.  It is a beautiful time to spend some time in Albany, enjoy a whale watching cruise, visit our markets and relax.

This is a sunrise picture I took recently during one of my walks along the Kalgan River.

As a special incentive we will cook a Lasagna, Italian Salad and Garlic bread dinner for you and serve you a nice glass of wine on arrival, if you check in for a three night on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for a three night or longer stay, during June or July.  Now it can't get better than that.

What's on in Albany

French Provincial Evening  featuring Xavier Poupel of Terrior Table
Course Matched Wine by Old Kent River
Live Entertainment by Marmotte
When: Friday 20th July 2012 at 6pm
Where: Cosy Corner Café, 256 Cosy Corner Rd, Torbay
Cost: $90.00 per head
Bookings: Cosy Corner Café 9845 1000
Be early as numbers are limited

Wednesday 20 June
 Vancouver Arts Centre - A Case of Deja Vu: Seven Paintings and a Suitcase that Relive Art History by Thomas Hoareau (art exhibition), 9am-4pm, Vancouver Street.
 Albany Entertainment Centre - Celtic Divas (show), 8pm, Princess Royal Drive. To book phone (08) 9845 5005.

Thursday 21 June
 Vancouver Arts Centre - A Case of Deja Vu: Seven Paintings and a Suitcase that Relive Art History by Thomas Hoareau (art exhibition), 9am-4pm, Vancouver Street.
 Vancouver Cafe - Geoff Waldeck

Every Saturday ~ Albany Farmers Market - Buy the freshest local seasonal quality produce direct from the growers, 8am-noon, Collie Street
Every Sunday ~ Albany Boat Shed Markets - for the freshest local produce and seafood available in the Great Southern, live entertainment and a great village-square atmosphere, 10am-1pm, Princess Royal Drive.

Till next time

Becki & Maggie
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