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Hi <<First Name>>, we are in such challenging times that businesses have little choice but to show leadership. It's warming to see cooperative and collaborative behaviours from many large companies including strong stands against entrenched racism - but there are notable laggards like Facebook that appear out of step with employees and users.

A company is an instrument of society, therefore poor leadership, racism and other social ills undermine all of our prospects. If you'd like to explore these linkages further you might like to check out Can Purpose Drive Corporate Profits or is it a Myth? in The Business Conversation or as a LinkedIn article.

Purpose is front of mind for this top 100 company CEO that I sent a copy of my book to: 

"The timing of receiving your book is quite unbelievable... in upcoming months I’ll be sitting down with the leadership team to reflect on our purpose and mission. [Our company's] purpose and profitability link needs to be refined"

It raises the questions like: How would your company be different in 12 months time if you had greater clarity of purpose? What would be the main indicators? Where would performance improvement come from? It requires guidance and I see it as an exciting proposition.


In terms of life satisfaction, you will know it's hard balancing home life with work, especially if you have a strong desire to make a difference in the world - however there are ways you can exponentially increase your impact, as per this session for JCI Australia last week!


For some lightheartedness, artist Jim Bachor has turned toilet rolls and hand sanitiser into an art form, filling the city's potholes with wonderful mosaics!

I invite you to follow my LinkedIn page and Facebook page if you want to see occasional ideas and inspirations, and reach out if you'd like to discuss any aspects of your challenges.

Phil Preston
+61 408 259 633

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