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Say NO to Costly New Power Lines by MARCH 30

An important deadline for YOUR input on proposed new high-voltage power lines is upon us!


Not a Good Deal if We Don’t Need Them

Developers are finalizing new power line designs in your neighborhood, and we have until March 30 to comment. Before we ratepayers see our bills go up, we need to look at the facts. No one has yet shown how ratepayers statewide will benefit. In fact, only costs are proven, and they could exceed $1 billion. The PSC wants ratepayers to pay ALL project costs (90 percent paid by Hudson Valley, NYC and Long Island ratepayers and 10 percent by upstate ratepayers) and 80 percent of cost overruns—so this impacts you even if power lines wouldn’t be on or near your property.

Costs to Communities, Uncertain Benefits

Some developer proposals still include taking private land by eminent domain and nearly none of the developers have proposed the sensible long-term solution of placing lines underground. Most projects include transmission towers that could damage scenic beauty, productive farmland, tourism, municipal tax bases, cultural/historic resources, critical wetlands and wildlife.

PSC Schedules Conference in June to Rethink Plan

After a scientific examination from Hudson Valley communities moved the state to re-examine the need for this project, a technical conference has been scheduled for June. This may be our last chance to question the project, and focus our efforts instead on other worthy projects before state regulators, such as Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) that champions renewables and 21st-century energy solutions. The PSC needs to know NOW that this is the direction our citizens wish to go, not building a new generation of transmission towers that will have a continuing impact on the landscape for decades to come. 


Join your neighbors in pressing for better energy ideas. The most effective way to comment and to guarantee that your thoughts become part of the permanent record is to visit this link and list your concerns in the "comments" field.

Use THIS LINK to file your comments with the Public Service Commission.

Tell the PSC...

"New York ratepayers want to see concrete proof of need before investing over a billion dollars."
“Prove we need the power before we pay for it!”
"If new lines must be built, then at least consider putting them underground or using new reconductoring technology.”
“Get off the Energy Highway. The governor and PSC’s new proceeding, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), includes innovation we can be proud of.”
“No proposal is a good one if the project is not needed.”
“Let’s make the June technical conference open to the public and a fair and open exchange of facts.”

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