An update from the Pittsburgh chapter of 40 Days for Life.
40 Days for Life [Pittsburgh]
Dear 40 Days for Life family,

I have more news about the status at Planned Parenthood.  They are informing callers that there will be no surgical abortions for the next few weeks, due to remodeling.  They said the earliest that they expect to offer surgical abortions is mid-December, but it could be later.  They are still offering the abortion pill.  All abortions are being referred to the East Liberty clinic (Allegheny Reproductive).

Most likely, they are doing the construction to attempt to comply with the new law that has passed in PA, requiring abortion clinics to adhere to the same health code requirements that all medical facilities have to adhere to (such as hallways and elevators wide enough for a stretcher.)

The sidewalk counselors who go to the East Liberty clinic have reported that there has not been an increase in business there, but Jen from Women's Choice Network reported that their pregnancy resource centers HAVE been increasingly busy!  So...I am still praising God for answered prayers!  Think of how many lives will be saved because Planned Parenthood is not doing surgical abortions for this time period!  And, we should still be praying that Planned Parenthood WON'T be able to comply in time and will be forced to close!

Also, let's keep praying that the East Liberty clinic will be unable to comply with  the new requirements and will have to close.  We should all be thankful that JUST THIS YEAR we saw TWO of our FIVE abortion clinics CLOSE FOR GOOD...and two remaining others are having to SCRAMBLE to try to get into compliance with the new law! 

So, as of now, I will still plan to hold the Lenten 40 Days for Life at the Planned Parenthood location...unless they are still not doing abortions in February.  I will keep you posted as I receive information.

I am sorry to disapoint any of you who were hoping for better news.  But, don't give up...keep fighting the good fight!  We will win in the end (I read the end of the book!)

God bless you and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Your sister in Christ,

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