APCCP Updates for August

In This Issue: 

  • Launch of APCCP Endorsement Campaign
  • APPCP's Letter to the Editor - Prevention cuts health costs
  • Update - Olympic Social Media Campaign
  • Member Spotlight: Canadian Diabetes Association, AB & NWT

APCCP Endorsement Campaign 

Over the last several months, the APCCP has connected with a growing number of individuals, community groups and professional associations who are supportive of our policy efforts in Alberta. We’re hoping to keep this momentum going through our new Wellness Foundation Endorsement Campaign, the next stage in our strategy to secure a Wellness Foundation in Alberta.
Read on to learn more about the Endorsement campaign and how a small amount of your time can assist the APCCP in advocating for an Alberta Wellness Foundation:

Show Your support!

Organizational Supporters

Do you work for an organization or professional association in Alberta that would support the creation of a Wellness Foundation in our province?  We need your help!

The APCCP is asking all of our organizational supporters to review and sign our new Statement of Support. Once signed, please send the form back to us and we will add your organization’s name to our growing list of organizational supporters. This list will be made public on our website and will be shared in meetings with elected officials and government stakeholders to illustrate the broad base of support that exists in Alberta for creating a Foundation.
Individual Supporters

Are you an individual with a passion for promoting wellness? You can also sign up as an individual supporter of the APCCP! Sign up online by reviewing the APCCP Declaration and completing the online form. Each month, Coalition supporters will receive a newsletter detailing APCCP updates and advocacy actions. Individuals who sign up will remain anonymous on the APCCP website. Only a tallied number representing the APCCP's total supporters is posted.
Together we can achieve our goal of establishing a Wellness Foundation in Alberta. Please circulate this newsletter and information about our campaign widely to your friends, families, colleagues and professional networks and urge them to take action.

On behalf of the APCCP, thank you for your active support of our new campaign. 

APCCP's Letter to the Editor: Prevention cuts health costs

The APCCP would like to congratulate APCCP member Kate Chidester on the publication of her letter, “Prevention cuts health costs,” in the Edmonton Journal on August 10th.  Read the letter here

Olympics Social Media Campaign

As you may know, this summer the APCCP launched a social media campaign to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic Games (July 27th – August 12th, 2012). The campaign included daily social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, a photo contest and a twitter chat. The campaign was a great learning opportunity for our team. We are excited about future campaigns, as well as the possibility of using social media to connect with like-minded organizations across Canada and the world.  
Here are some stats on our Olympics Social Media Campaign:
  • The number of people who viewed content from our Facebook page over the campaign period was 6840 (unique users). 
  • On our Twitter account, we achieved 69 clicks to links posted.
  • During our campaign on twitter, we were mentioned or retweeted by a range of organizations across Canada and the world. Examples include the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC), Coalition Poids (Quebec), Urban Thinkers (Vancouver), Children’s Food Campaign (UK), and JunkBusters (Cancer Council, Australia). We were also mentioned by Andrea Picard, public health reporter for the Globe and Mail.
  • As a result of our campaign, we were contacted by 2 international organizations who were interested in working together on common advocacy agendas in the coming year. 
  • From July to August, our followers on Facebook increased from 128 people to 163. Our followers on Twitter increased from 336 to 351 during the same period.
Be sure to join us on Twitter or Facebook if you haven’t done so already!

Membership Spotlight: The Canadian Diabetes Association, AB & NWT

The Canadian Diabetes Association is a national charity and membership association, founded in 1953 by Dr. Charles Best, co-discoverer of insulin.  Every day, the Canadian Diabetes Association is creating awareness about diabetes and speaking out on issues affecting people living with the disease; providing hope and improving the lives of people living with diabetes; and supporting promising new discoveries through research.

The Association leads the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while we work to find a cure.
Together, we lead by focusing on:

  • Ensuring we are an effective voice for those living with diabetes
  • Creating an environment for better awareness and understanding of diabetes
  • Influencing public policy for the betterment of those living with diabetes
  • Empowering people living with diabetes to be effective advocates
  • Partnering with key stakeholders to develop strategic initiatives and create sustainable solutions to win the fight against diabetes
  • Ensuring we have the resources necessary to fulfill our mission by funding key initiatives such as education, advocacy and research
Together, we help people live healthy lives by focusing on:
  • Developing and providing evidence-informed education to people living with diabetes, healthcare professionals and the public
  • Delivering programs to people living with diabetes such as camps – a life changing peer program that inspires confidence, independence and leadership in children with type 1 diabetes and their families
  • Developing and providing community-based services and connecting people living with diabetes to broader healthcare-related tools, resources and networks across Canada
Together, we are working towards a cure by focusing on:
  • Funding research that establishes a link between research and education to enhance the collective understanding of diabetes (causes, management and ultimately finding a cure)
  • Focusing on research that will provide the best impact and outcomes for people living with the disease
  • Basic research: understanding the disease at the cellular level
  • Clinical research: moving from the lab to people living with diabetes
  • Population health research: real world view of diabetes and diabetes management
  •  Turning the world’s best research into practical applications, programs and management strategies for everyday use
  • Furthering the development of best practices and literacy in the care and treatment of diabetes 

Today, it is estimated more than 217,000 Albertans are living with diabetes—a figure projected to increase to 363,000 by 2020.  We need to do more and we can’t do it alone.  Help those living with diabetes or prediabetes by joining Team Diabetes and setting a fitness or fundraising goal; donating reusable clothing, small household items or electronics to Clothesline®; and/or becoming a member, volunteer or simply donating to our cause.

For more information on our efforts and other ways you can help, please visit, join the conversation on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @DiabetesAssoc, or call 1-800-BANTING (226-8464).

The APCCP is composed of 15 member organizations representing a broad range of practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and community organizations who work to coordinate efforts, generate evidence, and advocate for policy change to reduce chronic diseases in Alberta. To see who our members are click here.

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