APCCP E-News - January 2015

In this Issue:
- Happy New Year from the APCCP!
- Support the Heart and Stroke Foundation's 'Restrict Marketing to Kids' Campaign
- New POWER UP Evidence Syntheses and APCCP Issue Brief
- Ever Active Schools - Hosting Healthy Sporting Events Video
- New Name for the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research
- Member Spotlight: Cardel Place

Happy New Year from the APCCP! 

On behalf of the APCCP team, we would like to wish you a very happy New Year!

Photo: APCCP organizational members and staff at our January 2015 meeting. 

In 2015 - 2016, the APCCP will focus on the following strategic priorities:
• Support the Wellness Alberta Campaign and the establishment of a Wellness Levy as a sustainable source of funding for prevention.  
• Advocate for mandated, resourced, and monitored implementation of the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth in recreational facilities. 
Advocate to restrict the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children. 
Advocate for healthy school food and the development of a Universal School Food Strategy for Alberta.

To learn more about our strategic priorities, head to the APCCP website.

Interested in our strategic priorities? Email us at to sign up as an APCCP individual supporter.

Support the Heart and Stroke Foundation's 'Restrict Marketing to Kids' Campaign

The Heart & Stroke Foundation has released a great new campaign to stop the dangerous practice of marketing unhealthy food and beverages to children. Find out how you can support the campaign below! 

Images: Heart and Stroke Foundation. Available at 

To participate in this exciting campaign, head to and be sure to share this message within your networks! 

New POWER UP Evidence Syntheses and APCCP Issue Brief 

Image: Scripps Health San Diego. Available at

Evidence Syntheses
The APCCP is a partner on the POWER UP project for 2013-2016, which is funded by the Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention (CLASP) initiative. The following new evidence syntheses have been developed through the CLASP project:

Taxing Sugar Sweetened Beverages 
Dietary intake of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) is one factor associated with obesity and overweight in all age groups in Canada. This evidence synthesis reviews relevant evidence that examines the impact of SSB taxation or price changes on beverage consumption and body weight status. 

Healthy Food Procurement  
Evidence suggests that the increased availability of energy-rich and nutrient-poor foods in the wider food environment is an important contributing factor to overweight, obesity, and associated chronic diseases in adults and children. This synthesis summarizes the evidence on the impact of healthy food procurement policies and nutrition standards on sales, intake, and availability of healthier food, as well as body weight status. 

To view these evidence syntheses, click on the links above or head to the APCCP website

APCCP Issue Brief
The latest APCCP issue brief on the call for a Universal School Food Strategy for Alberta has been added to the Coalition website. 

To view the brief, click here

Please feel free to share these documents within your networks!  

New Name for the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research


The Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research has changed its name to the Injury Prevention Centre. Check out their new name, logo and website at

Hosting Healthy Sporting Events Video

Image: From Ever Active Schools. Available at

As part of their Healthy School Communities Projects, Ever Active Schools and the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association have created the ‘Hosting Healthy Sporting Events’ video. Narrated by APCCP Co-Lead, Dr. Kim Raine, this video encourages individuals to pause and think differently about accompanying unhealthy food with school and community events where healthy habits are the focus.

To view this video, visit:

Membership Spotlight: Cardel Place



Who We Are 
The Nose Creek Sports and Recreation Association is an Alberta not-for-profit society with federal charitable status. Operating as a social enterprise, the society manages and operates Cardel Place, a leading Calgary regional recreation provider, and the Canadian Academy for Healthier Generations, its research and innovation unit.

Our goals:
  • Raise healthier generations by helping more children, youth, and their families be more healthy, active, and less sedentary;
  • Strengthen our community by working with community members and diverse partners in a vision to build a stronger, safer, and healthier place for all; and
  • Create new evidence-based blueprints for Canada’s public recreation sector demonstrating the sector’s immense potential to create healthy, active, and vibrant communities. 
Check out this youtube video to learn more about our commitment to help raise healthier generations. 

Together, Creating Made-in-Alberta Solutions 
The Canadian Academy for Healthier Generations is catalyzing collective leadership by engaging partners to create an evidence-based change system aligning schools, recreation, and other community assets to achieve better health outcomes. Together with Mount Royal University (MRU), we've launched a new upstream collaboratory, Canada's first community-driven, community-based action research centre focused on empowering Canadians to live healthier lives across their lifespan.
In 2012 the Canadian Academy and MRU launched the first of five research foci, The Child + Youth Action Research Project. 

To learn more about The Child + Youth Action Research Project visit:

The APCCP is composed of 17 member organizations representing a broad range of practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and community organizations who work to coordinate efforts, generate evidence, and advocate for policy change to reduce chronic diseases in Alberta. To see who our members are click here.

Upcoming Events

Canadian Sport for Life National Summit: Quality Sport and Physical Activity as a Foundation of the Athlete Development Pathway
January 27-29, 2015
Gatineau-Ottawa, Canada
Hosted by Canadian Sport for Life
Shaping the Future 2015
January 29-31, 2015
Kananaskis, Alberta
Hosted by Ever Active Schools

Winter Walk Day
February 4, 2015
Various locations throughout Alberta
Promoted by Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere (SHAPE)

Physical Literacy Strategic Planning Session
February 18 – 19, 2015
Edmonton, Alberta
Hosted by Alberta Recreation & Parks Association in partnership with Alberta Recreation and Physical Activity Division
For more information contact Allie Pratley
Physical Literacy Summit
March 5-6, 2015
Calgary, Alberta
Hosted by Ever Active Schools

2015 Parks Forum: Parks, Landscapes and Open Spaces – Connections
March 12 – 14th, 2015
Canmore, Alberta
Hosted by Alberta Recreation & Parks Association

Physical and Health Education Canada National Conference 2015
April 30 – May 2, 2015
Banff, Alberta
Hosted by PHE Canada and HPEC
Food Environments in Canada: Symposium and Workshop
May 21 – 23, 2015
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Hosted by Smart Cities, Healthy Kids


Half Your Plate Program Launches to Consumers to Encourage Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
January 12, 2015

Aboriginal Community in the U.S. Levies Tax on Junk Food
December 1, 2014
Veille Action: Information and Action for Healthy Living
Free Lunch is a Good Thing for Children
November 27, 2014 
Roger Collier, CMAJ
Smoking Not PG: Alberta High School Students Lobby to Restrict Images of Smoking in Movies
November 27, 2014 
Leah Holoiday, Metro News
Calorie Counts at Last Coming to Chain Restaurants
November 25, 2014 
Center for Science in the Public Interest 
Alberta Leaves Menthol Out of Flavoured Tobacco Ban
November 13, 2014 
Trevor Robb, QMI Agency

Health Advocates Want Alberta to Spend More on Injury, Disease Prevention
November 11th, 2014
The Canadian Press 
Berkeley Votes to Tax Sugary Drinks
November 4, 2014 
Center for Science in the Public Interest 
Excess Sugar Consumption is Causing Major Non-curative Health Problems Nationally
September 30, 2014 
Truro Daily News
‘Brain Breaks’ Increase Activity, Educational Performance in Elementary Schools
September 23, 2014 
Medical Xpress
Mexico Restricts Soft Drink TV Ads to Fight Obesity
July 16, 2014 
BBC News



New Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Child Care Accreditation Standards: Can it Get Kids Moving More and Sitting Less?
December 2, 2014
Alberta Centre for Active Living
Food Marketing to Youth: Serious Business
November 12, 2014
Healthy Food in Your Community: A Toolkit for Policy Change
October 2014
Union of Concerned Scientists
Obesity Policy: The Way Forward
October 2014
Timothy Caulfield and Nola M. Ries, Brief for Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology 
Flavoured Tobacco Use among Canadian Youth: Evidence from Canada’s 2012/2013 Youth Smoking Survey
September 10, 2014
Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, University of Waterloo 
The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada, 2014: Public Health in the Future
September 8, 2014
Public Health Agency of Canada
Let’s Talk Wellness 
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