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-Take Part in Health Canada's Nutrition Labeling Consultation 
-Research Update: New Study on Marketing Food and Beverages to Children

-Congratulations to Dr. Kim Raine, Recipient of the Ryley Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award
-Bill 206: Message from Community Youth Leader, Jianna Marin  
-Meet our Summer Student Volunteers
-Member Spotlight: SHAPE (Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere) 
Take Part in Health Canada's Nutrition Labeling Consultation

On July 14, 2014, Health Canada initiated a consultation process regarding proposed changes to its current system of mandatory nutrition labeling. According to Health Canada’s website, specific changes include:
  • New guidelines to standardize serving size
  • Changes to the list of nutrients declared in the nutrition facts table and updates to daily values
  • Changes to the look of the nutrition facts table and the list of ingredients
This consultation is taking place from July 14, 2014 to September 11, 2014. To participate, please click here.

Image: Health Canada. Available at

Research Update: New Study on Marketing Food and Beverages to Children 

A new study by researchers at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University has revealed that food and beverage advertisers are targeting commercials at kids now more than ever before. This is alarming considering ample evidence to suggest that a large proportion of these advertisements focus on energy-dense and nutrient poor foods, which promote negative dietary habits. Such habits, in turn, contribute to an increased risk of obesity and chronic disease later in life.  

The study, titled "Changes in the Volume, Power, and Nutritional Quality of Foods Marketed to Children on Television in Canada," provides further evidence that the current system of industry self-regulation is ineffective in protecting children from the harmful effects of advertising. 

These findings support the need for increased efforts to eliminate the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children and youth in Canada. In the coming months, the APCCP will continue to support provincial and national action on reducing unhealthy food and beverage marketing to young people.  

Access the study abstract

Read a recent article published on the study in the
national post.

*Image: Wilcox Comic from the Food Marketing Working Group. Available at

Congratulations to Dr. Kim Raine, Recipient of the Ryley Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award  

This June, APCCP Co-Director, Dr. Kim Raine, received the Ryley Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award from Dietitians of Canada. This award is presented yearly in recognition of a Dietitians of Canada member who embodies the ideals of dedication to the profession and has a proven ability to chart new directions in the dietetics field. Congratulations Kim!
Read a version of Dr. Raine's lecture, titled "Improving Nutritional Health of the Public through Social Change: Finding Our Roles in Collective Action," here

Bill 206: Message from Community Youth Leader, Jianna Marin 

My name is Jianna Marin. I am a youth leader from Lloydminster, Alberta. With support from the Campaign for a Smoke-Free Alberta, in 2013, I launched a campaign to ban the sale of flavoured tobacco in Alberta.

In its beginnings, the campaign received significant coverage in the media and garnered the attention of the Honourable Richard Starke, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation. Soon after, in the fall of 2013, Dr. Starke introduced Bill 206 to the Legislative Assembly to coincide with the campaign. The bill was approved with almost unanimous all-party support.
Fast forward to Spring 2014. Several months had passed with no news of proclamation.This led to the development of an exciting new campaign, called JoinJianna2014. I travelled across Alberta for the month of June, speaking to high school students and teachers about the dangers of tobacco, as well as rallying support for our government to follow through with their promise to protect Alberta’s youth.
With a new candidacy race upon us, it is vital that our current government takes action on this issue before time runs out. This government made a promise to Albertans to protect our youth by banning flavored tobacco. It’s time to enact Bill 206 without delay.  
You can help support the proclamation of Bill 206 by writing a letter to your MLA to raise awareness about this important issue and to provide them with insurance that they could do nothing better for Alberta than to protect our future generations. 

For the latest updates, be sure to follow the Campaign for a Smoke-Free Alberta on Facebook and Twitter
Thank you for your support! 


Meet our Summer Social Media Volunteers

This summer, we have enlisted a team of bright student volunteers to assist with Coalition activities such as social media. Our volunteers come from a range of academic backgrounds, but all have an interest in using policy to create healthier communities. To learn more about our volunteers, read their bio's below. 

Qendresa Beka

I'm a student at the School of Public Health working towards a degree in MSc Epidemiology. Although my academic focus is on the epidemiology of chronic diseases, I am also interested in health advocacy and promotion. I am volunteering for the APCCP because I want to become better informed about current topics in chronic disease prevention and to share my knowledge with others. 

Serena Delhon 

My name is Serena Delhon and I am currently an education student at the U of A. I love learning in all forms, especially books and I try to read a new book every week! I believe that health is wealth, a belief that stemmed from when I was diagnosed with celiac disease in junior high. Since then my interest in health promotion has only grown and when I found out about the APPCP on campus I knew I wanted to take part in spreading their message to educate others and create healthier individuals and communities.

Winny Fung 


I am a 2nd year MPH student in the Global Health program at the University of Alberta. I am currently doing my practicum at St. Paul’s Inner-city Youth Mental Health Program (ICYMH) in Vancouver, BC. I am exploring the pathways to youth homelessness. I am also passionate about raising awareness about non-communicable diseases that affect both higher and lower income countries. As part of the social media team, I disseminate health-related information for the assigned topic of the week on Facebook and Twitter! In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, biking and rollerblading around Stanley Park in beautiful Vancouver!

Interested in volunteering for the Coalition during the fall semester? Contact us at

Membership Spotlight: SHAPE (Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere)

SHAPE (Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere) is an Alberta wide non-profit organization that promotes the Active & Safe Routes to Schools programs throughout Alberta. We encourage students to walk or bike to school on a regular basis! SHAPE promotes active transportation of students which in turn promotes student health, benefits the environment and reduces traffic congestion in and around schools.

We encourage participation in upcoming events such as International Walk to School Week, Winter Walk Day and/or Bike to School Day as a vehicle to educate and motivate students to walk to school on a regular basis. We promote safety through the education of safety rules of walking/biking to school as well as programs such as Walking Buddies or Walking School Buses which provide support and/or supervision to students while walking to school.

SHAPE provides encouragement and support to school communities to encourage their students to walk or bike to school. We work directly with school councils and/or school administration to develop ideas and plans for their school. Schools can choose event days, walking programs or a weekly/month Walking Day to promote their plans.
We are an active member of the
Alberta Active Living Partners, a group of organizations that collaborate through programs, services, research, and advocacy to help Albertans be physically active.

Visit our website: for more information on these and other initiatives SHAPE is delivering throughout the province of Alberta. If you are interested in developing Active & Safe Routes to Schools programs in your community contact SHAPE Executive Director; Lesley McEwan at 780 406-8530, email:

The APCCP is composed of 17 member organizations representing a broad range of practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and community organizations who work to coordinate efforts, generate evidence, and advocate for policy change to reduce chronic diseases in Alberta. To see who our members are click here.

Upcoming Events 

Health Summit 2014: Aging, Chronic Disease, and Wellness
Conference Board of Canada
Oct. 23-24, 2014
Toronto, Ontario

Obesity Week
The Obesity Society & American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery 
Nov. 2-7, 2014
Boston, Massachusetts

Waves of Change: Sustainable Food for All
Food Secure Canada's 8th National Assembly 
Nov. 13-16, 2014
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Tom Oswald and Anna McAlister, June 27, 2014, Michigan State University 

Opinion: Province Should Proclaim Bill Banning Flavoured Tobacco and Stop the Fraud
Jianna Marin, June 18th, 2014, Edmonton Journal 

Availability of Junk Food In Schools Encourages Obesity, Study Finds
Pamela Fayerman, Marc 26th, 2014, Vancouver Sun 
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