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Volume 3 | Issue 1
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New video focuses on importance of sustainable land use in coastal Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia – UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant worked with undergraduate students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to create an animated video about sustainable land use in coastal Georgia...more.

Georgia Sea Grant opens core funding cycle

Athens, Georgia – Georgia Sea Grant is now accepting preproposals for two-year coastal, marine and ocean applied research projects that address goals and strategies identified in our draft strategic plan. Preproposals are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15, 2017...more.

Septic tank inventory will help keep water safe for coastal residents

Athens, Georgia – A comprehensive, electronic inventory of septic systems will help officials in coastal Georgia counties locate and manage failing systems that are a threat to ground water. The inventory, compiled by Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, also will serve as an important resource for understanding wastewater infrastructure...more.

Georgia Sea Grant-funded researcher wins best student presentation award 

Athens, Georgia – Georgia Sea Grant-funded researcher and Odum School of Ecology doctoral student Daniel Harris received the Sea Grant Award for Best Student Presentation at the joint meeting of The Coastal Society and Restore America’s Estuaries held in New Orleans in December. The award was presented by The Coastal Society and the Sea Grant Association...more.

UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant honored by coastal preservation group

Jekyll Island, Georgia – University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant programs and people were recognized at the first awards presentation by 100 Miles, a nonprofit organization working to protect and preserve the Georgia coast...more.
Georgia Sea Grant is seeking applicants for:

2018 Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship - Deadline: Feb. 21


Feb. 5
Super Museum Sunday 

Feb. 11
Stopover in the yard at The Grey 

Feb. 14
Ocean to Table Series: Oysters and Clams 

March 3 & 4 
Coastal Stewards program: Birding 

March 11
Scope Studies: Plankton and Dock Organisms 

March 15
Evenings on the Estuary: Pi Day Celebration

For details, check our events calendar.





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UGA Marine Extension
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UGA Marine Extension & Georgia Sea Grant


UGA Marine Extension
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UGA Marine Extension
Georgia Sea Grant

The University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant is dedicated to conducting research, education and outreach to enhance coastal environmental, social and economic sustainability.

As a unit of Public Service and Outreach, we help improve public resource policy, encourage far-sighted economic and fisheries decisions, anticipate vulnerabilities to change and educate citizens to be wise stewards of the coastal environment.