November 2016 - UGA Marine Extension
and Georgia Sea Grant Newsletter
Volume 2 | Issue 8
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New microplastics program inspires students to protect the coast

Skidaway Island, Georgia – About 80 students and teachers from four coastal area schools know a bit more about microplastics and the impact they can have on sea life, thanks to a program launched by Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant and funded by the Landings Landlovers, Inc...more.

Georgia's seafood is safe, thanks to UGA

Brunswick, Georgia – Whether you buy fresh fish from the local market or order oysters on the half-shell in a restaurant, you can be sure that your seafood has been handled safely by Georgia wholesalers.

That’s because Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant provides government-mandated training to everyone in the seafood industry in Georgia, to keep consumers from getting sick...more.

Hundreds turn out to raise money for oyster hatchery

Skidaway Island, Georgia – An oyster roast on the banks of the Skidaway River drew more than 200 people on a perfect fall night to celebrate and raise money for Georgia's first oyster hatchery...more.

Project will identify innovative stormwater management in coastal Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia – UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant is helping create an inventory of low impact development stormwater practices along the coast to use as examples for future projects.

These practices improve water quality and the health of coastal ecosystems, said Jessica Brown, stormwater specialist with Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant...more.

Sea Grant Legal Fellows tackle important environmental policy issues on the coast

Athens, Georgia – The Georgia Sea Grant Legal Program offers students at the UGA School of Law the opportunity to work with legal and policy experts to address challenging environmental questions facing policymakers in coastal Georgia communities...more.


Dec. 6
Successful Watershed Planning workshop

Dec. 10
SEA Program: Holiday Hike

Dec. 14
Full Moon Night Hike

Dec. 21
Junior Aquarist 

Jan. 14
SEA Program: Coastal Reptiles

Jan. 20
Coastal Stewards Program: Introduction to the Georgia Coast

Jan. 28
Youth Ocean Conservation Summit 2017

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UGA Marine Extension
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UGA Marine Extension
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UGA Marine Extension
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The University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant is dedicated to conducting research, education and outreach to enhance coastal environmental, social and economic sustainability.

As a unit of Public Service and Outreach, we help improve public resource policy, encourage far-sighted economic and fisheries decisions, anticipate vulnerabilities to change and educate citizens to be wise stewards of the coastal environment.