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Volume 3 | Issue 3
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U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter visits the UGA Oyster Hatchery 

Congressman Buddy Carter toured the oyster hatchery at UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant and met with a shellfish grower who is working with UGA to grow single oysters in an effort to diversify the coastal economy...more.

Horseshoe crab encounters: Educating communities and inspiring coastal stewardship 

Every spring horseshoe crabs congregate on beaches along the east coast to lay their eggs. These spawning events attract migratory shorebirds that utilize the horseshoe crab eggs to fuel their annual flight to nesting grounds in the Arctic...more.

Hatching a Solution 

Two teams of engineering students are working with UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant to design equipment that could help future oyster farmers work more efficiently and increase production...more.

Educating a workforce and reaching a new generation in Georgia

“Alright, everyone, bend your legs, hold your arms up like you're flexing your muscles, and pretend your hands are pinchers. It’s time to crab walk our way to the aquarium,” says Hannah Edwards as she leads a 20 eager first graders towards the touch tanks at the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium on Skidaway Island...more.


April 7 - 9
Darien Blessing of the Fleet

April 8
Living Shoreline Planting

April 12
Ants: Nature's Engineers

April 29
Horseshoe Crab Encounters

May 3
Ocean to Table: Georgia Shrimp

May 13 
Mother's Day Gift Making: The Art of Gyotaku 

May 13 
Behind the scene aquarium tour

May 19 & 20
Georgia Oysters - Bringing Back the Bivalve

May 24
Maritime Forest Night Hike

For details, check our events calendar.





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UGA Marine Extension
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UGA Marine Extension & Georgia Sea Grant


UGA Marine Extension
Georgia Sea Grant


UGA Marine Extension
Georgia Sea Grant

The University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant is dedicated to conducting research, education and outreach to enhance coastal environmental, social and economic sustainability.

As a unit of Public Service and Outreach, we help improve public resource policy, encourage far-sighted economic and fisheries decisions, anticipate vulnerabilities to change and educate citizens to be wise stewards of the coastal environment.