August 2016 - UGA Marine Extension
and Georgia Sea Grant Newsletter
Volume 2 | Issue 6
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Women in Marine Science Spend a Week at the Coast

Skidaway Island, Georgia – While cruising down the Skidaway River, 22 teenagers keep their eyes peeled for any movement on the surface of the water. It’s a beautiful day on the coast, though activity on the boat contrasts significantly with the serenity of the surroundings. The campers, ages 12 to 15, are convinced that singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” at the top of their lungs will attract dolphins, allowing the group to catch a glimpse of these creatures in their natural habitat. Turns out, they might be right. As the group begins their second rendition of the song, two dorsal fins appear about 15 feet away from the vessel, followed by a collective gasp from those on board...more.

Georgia Sea Grant Develops a Four Year Plan

Athens, Georgia –
 Over 80 partners from across the state of Georgia gathered in Athens in July for a two-day Research Symposium and Strategic Planning Retreat as part of the Georgia Sea Grant strategic planning process. Every four years, Georgia Sea Grant, in partnership with the University of Georgia Marine Extension, develops a long-range strategic plan that describes goals and priorities for the coming years. An inclusive, multistep process that incorporates fresh input from a diverse constituency is necessary in the development of a strong strategic plan...more.

UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant Welcome Emily Woodward

Skidaway Island, Georgia – Emily Woodward is UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s new public relations coordinator. She’ll be taking over the communications program in place of Jill Gambill, who was recently promoted to UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s coastal community resilience specialist and public service assistant. Woodward will be based on Skidaway Island at the Shellfish Research Lab...more.

UGA Employee Receives Seven Seals Award

Athens, Georgia – The U.S. Department of Defense has honored Marie Scoggins, administrative financial director of UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, with the Seven Seals Award. The award recognizes significant individual or organizational achievement and initiatives that promote and support the National Guard or Reserve members...more.  

High School Students Spend Summer Break Caring for Marine Animals and Growing Oysters

Skidaway Island, Georgia – This past summer, the City of Savannah launched the Summer 500 program, which is designed to provide high school students with paid internships at various businesses in the community. UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant participated in the program by offering two internship spots, which were filled by rising seniors, Carlos Woofolk from Jenkins High School, and Omar Barton from A.E. Beach High School...more.

UGA Undergrad Lends a Hand at the Brunswick Station

Brunswick, Georgia  George Summers, a UGA undergrad studying environmental engineering, has spent his summer at UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant's Brunswick Station under the advisement of stormwater specialist, Jessica Brown, as part of a stormwater program internship.

Over the course of eight weeks, Summers created conceptual designs for various projects, attended and participated in partner meetings, and used mapping software to produce technical designs and specifications...more.


Sept. 9 & 10
Coastal Stewards Program - Introduction to the Georgia Coast

Sept. 19 
Strategic Planning - Public Input Meeting (Brunswick, GA)

Sept 29
Strategic Planning - Public Input Meeting (Savannah, GA)

Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 
Beaufort Shrimp Festival 

Oct. 1

Oct. 22
Marine Science Day

Nov. 5
Oyster Roast for a Reason 

Nov. 12
Catch of the Day - Oysters!

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