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FOLLOW-UP ...  A Special Friend's Need

We have seen $2000 come in for Sharon.
Our dear friend, Sharon, is in need of prayer and finances for an urgent situation.  She has just had cancer surgery and could use our help.

Here is our write up to help raise funds for Sharon's healing.  As we present this need, I am reminded of the Scripture

Galatians 6:2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.




Dear Friends, Supporters, Family, and members of our ACTS Foundation ministry Team, 


We have a mutual friend, Sharon, for whom we are praying and believing to receive healing and total restoration.  Here is what is happening in her life and our request for helping her toward total healing. 

On April 11, our friend who is  an advocate for clean living, a passionate patient educator, a compassionate caregiver, an angel to so many, was admitted to the hospital with jaundice and severe weight loss. It was found out that she had contracted a very common virus from a patient, which took a rare and unexpected turn to the darkest side imaginable---it appeared to quickly turn into an atypical and aggressive form of viral hepatitis. The doctors then discovered the worst possible outcome---a rapidly growing, very large tumor on one of her kidneys. May 4, surgery was scheduled to remove the kidney and the tumor, which was generating quite a bit of toxins---between that and fighting the viral hepatitis, she was very limited in her ability to tolerate most foods, so she went into the surgery extremely underweight. The nephrectomy itself went as well as could be expected; however, she developed a severe case of postural orthostatic tachycardia, a condition that causes her pulse to skyrocket and her blood pressure to drop dangerously low, leaving her frequently gasping for breath when she tries to stand up...As one can imagine, this has prevented her from returning to her full-time healthcare job.  

To add insult to injury, she has now learned she is suffering from severe mold toxicity---which has been determined to be the underlying root to the rapid unraveling of her former vibrant health.  Although her home had no obvious physical signs of mold in the living area, multiple environmental specialists have found extensive mold growth in their heating and air conditioning system and crawl space, both of which have been dispensing toxic mold spores into all of the air she has been breathing in. The units, duct work, and all carpets in the home must be removed and replaced as soon as possible, followed by a systematic mold remediation protocol, in order for her to be able to heal.  

Time and time again, I have witnessed my friend selflessly pouring her life into others, taking the hands of the sick and hurting and guiding them back to health. Now Sharon is the one in need, requiring immediate treatment in order to be able to turn her health around. She’s been connected to a Functional Medicine Hospital which offers a comprehensive medical program to treat her residual cancer, viral hepatitis, mold toxicity, and cardiovascular issues. She must fully pay treatment costs, prior to admission for the program, which is estimated at approximately $67,000.  With the added financial burden of home mold remediation costs (still not fully determined, but estimated at greater than $35,000) plus her current medical bills, she is seeking God to supply her need of approximately $75,000-100,000.    

We are purposefully not giving Sharon's last name.  Sharon has helped a number of our team with our own health issues.  Now, this dear giver, is in need of our support!

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* The glass etching is from a 300 year old cottage in England...home of Pastor Shepherd and his wife.  It's beauty "speaks" peace to this situation'.
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