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Inspirations #908
Run Beside Me!

By Susan G. McIntosh

Bondage now broken

Captives all set free

Step up,
Generals of Mine,

come run beside Me!


For the last two weeks my husband Ralph and I have been staying in the DC area. What an amazing time in America's history. Some Conservative friends of ours were skeptical of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. I understand. He can be a bull in a china shop at times and his personal life in passed years has been flawed. But, assuredly God has raised this man up “for such a time as this.” The team of Christians he has appointed to be by his side is a firm indication that God has Trump's heart now.

I know one thing for certain, the spiritual atmosphere in our nation's Capitol has changed. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and have been in and out of D.C. all my life. I have not seen such a blessed sense of hope and faith in years. Christians are readily recognizing one another in restaurants, on public transportation, in businesses and in government buildings. There is a sweet rejoicing. Even though a sideline demonstration was taking place after the Inauguration, the fellowship enjoyed by the crowd around us at the swearing in and as we dispersed, reminded me of being at a Christian conference. No one was timid about sharing their faith with one another. It was awesome. Hallelujah!


At the Inauguration ceremony itself, we were so blessed by the prayers, Scripture readings and the overall honoring of God. Besides, the people gathered for the event, the Security and Police all had such kind expressions on their faces. As we gave them a “thumbs-up” and thanked and blessed many of them, their faces were radiant. Hope and relief were prevalent! We were saddened by the riots and demonstrations and later by some of the vulgar signs and behaviors at the Women's March, but, even so, the works of darkness did not dampen the rejoicing that God has heard the prayers of His People and America is turning back to Him.


I participated in the March for Life. Vice President Mike Pence has a wonderful heart for God and he unashamedly spoke as though with a pastor's heart to the tens of thousands gathered. What a blessing. Young and old alike marched through the streets from the Washington Monument, down Pennsylvania Ave to the Supreme Court Building. Interesting Roe v. Wade was decided in January of 1972 in that same building and we are all praying for a reversal. Hundreds and hundreds of young people from the many Catholic schools represented chanted slogans declaring it will be reversed. The conversations and fellowship with them were wholesome and encouraging. Walking along with different age groups and races, coupled with the thousands of young people and families with small children was a tremendous blessing. I thanked the Lord I was there!


Praise God for the prayer meetings Franklin Graham spearheaded all across America last year. Praise God for the movie, War Room, and for pastors like our own, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who delegated a War Room of 24/7 intercessory prayer for the Nation throughout 2016. God has heard and answered His People's prayers. Vice President Pence took the Oath of Office with his hand on two Bibles – the one he opens every morning and one that belonged to his political hero, Ronald Reagan. I understand his hand was positioned on 2 Chronicles 7:14. God has heard our prayers and the healing of our nation has begun, hallelujah. We must stay faithful in daily Bible reading, prayer and soul-winning. We must pray daily for government leaders across this Land. We must continue to encourage one another in the Lord.


There is more... In the early morning hours of January 27th the Lord woke me. Immediately He reminded me that things have moved rather rapidly this first week of Trump's presidency and for most of us, we sense that our nation is getting back on track. It was then the Lord said, “I too am moving quickly. I am promoting many of My People to the rank of General in My Army.” Immediately I thought that nearly everyone I know, myself included, who loves and serves Him, has one or more areas in which we are still growing. Maybe we don't qualify for promotion. He reads our hearts, so, He responded, “Bondage is breaking, captives are being set FREE. I need all of you to step into your promotion and come run by Me. I am moving quickly and I need you to be listening more readily and to obey Me with less questioning.” Wow. A number of faces came to mind and I could see promotions happening. It was an awesome Vision.


Before the Vision ended the Lord reminded me that each who believes in Him is already equipped, we just need to step up, salute and be in position. It is the “arise, shine” that Isaiah mentioned. God needs us NOW. The Lord went on to explain that Isaiah 60 describes what He has already imparted into us – Light and Glory! I encourage you to do your own study because there is so much in this one chapter, including the guarantee of the funding needed to carry out the Promotion. In position, there is an awesome bonus – our sons and daughters will also be blessed and the Lord will bring people to us. Provision also will come to carry out the assignments, not wealth just to collect stuff, but resources to bring in the Harvest of souls! Wow! Exciting, isn't it!


Just to whet your appetite to further study the passage, the Hebrew word for glory in 60:1 is chabod (kah-vohd): weightiness, substantial or heavy, honor, splendor, power, wealth, authority, magnificence, fame, dignity, riches, and excellency. It is God's GLORY that filled Solomon's Temple and will someday FILL the Earth (I Kings 8:11, Numbers 14:21). God's GLORY has been deposited in each of us who have given our hearts and lives to Jesus. Wow!


You are in our prayers, all of you. We decree over our readership the same passages of Scripture and insights the Lord gives us. His Call to rise up and report for Promotion and Duty, is yours, General. I invite you to stand wherever you are right now and declare as you raise your right hand and salute Him, with your eyes fixed on Heaven. Be reminded, God gives His Glory, Himself, in fullness and never partially to those who receive Him. Jesus prayed before He left earth to return to the Father, “O Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own Self, with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was...” (John 17:5). Jesus went on to say in reference to all who receive Him, I am glorified in them (v.10).


Decree with me, “Here I am, Lord God. I acknowledge that You have placed Your Light and Glory in and upon my life and I am ready to be used of You mightily in these last days. I am humbled by the entrustment and authority You have placed on my life. I am far from perfect, but YOU are FULL of Glory and Might so I invite You to fill me with Your Holy Spirit afresh and anew. Increase my hunger for Your Word and place within me a deeper desire to abide daily in Your Presence (Psalm 91). Bring me into oneness with you, Master. It is You I want. It is You I want to live through my life. More than love, power, signs or wonders—I long for the Glory of You and Your Presence alive in me. You are my Commander in Chief. I am reporting for duty NOW. Be glorified in my life. Hallelujah, in Jesus' Name! Be all You desire in and through me from now until Jesus returns. I, like Jesus, am ready to be about My Father's business regardless of what task I am doing at home, church, work, neighborhood or wherever You may take me. Be GLORIFIED in and through me. Amen!”

To keep the Commissioning vibrant in you, I suggest, when alone throughout the day, pause and take a moment to salute our Command and King.

Our congratulations and prayers are with you. Enjoy the card. I bought it this week at the military store, Fort America, owned by our dear friend at the Pentagon. Love and bless you, General. Jesus said of us all, “And the GLORY which Thou gavest Me, I have given them” (John 17:22).


Newly promoted to General,
Susan G. McIntosh



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