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Listen, Obey, and Impact !

By Susan G. McIntosh /


Some people have their One-to-one time with God best in the evening when the busyness of the day is done and the house has settled for the night. My best listening time is when the Lord awakens me in the early morning hours and drops a Scripture truth into my spirit. I know it is to be the declaration I make over my huge ACTS prayer list, over the U.S. Military, our Veterans, our current Administration in D.C. and over the family trees each of us represent.


God is always giving me expanded revelation. About six months ago the Spirit woke me with John 3:16. It was such a clear visual that I actually saw font size and highlighting. God is fun. I enjoy His presentations of prayer strategies that He shares each morning. He and I have been meeting like this for over twenty years. He is so creative and surprises me all the time with new formats.


It is easy to be so familiar with a verse like John 3:16 that we ramble through it without listening for His leading. I clearly saw, “For God SO LOVED the WORLD that He GAVE His only begotten Son...” He followed the first part of the verse with, “I SO loved the whole WORLD that I gave My Son for them, but, understand, INDIVIDUALS were LOVED and EACH who have throughout time RECEIVED My Gift, have and will for Eternity, BENEFIT PERSONALLY from My SOOOOOO LOVED care for them.”


I heard the Lord God's heart and as He went on to share with me that when I intercede and declare His Word over the people He lays on my heart each morning, He now wants me to decree not just over individuals and groups of people on my prayer list, but to also decree His Truth over every person in the world. It was as though He was enlarging my Vision and enlarging my Heart so my prayer life graduated to another realm. Wow! If He can SO LOVE the WORLD, yet bless them individually, then as I pray/decree His Truth over the people of the world, the Angels are deployed to minister to the masses, INDVIDUALLY. Incredible! He made it very clear that I was to include “every baby in the womb,” because He SO LOVES everyone of them. Unborn babies are each precious individuals to Him.


My prayer life has been transformed since I received this new mandate. The first few days after that I felt a bit awkward declaring Truth given over the whole world, but God kept reminded me that the impact would be on every individual in His so loved world and on every baby in the womb. My faith began to embrace His assignment on my prayer time. Here are a few samples of how my declarations go.

  • In Jesus' Name, I decree that every person and every baby in the womb in Your 'so loved world' will be surrounded by Your Kingdom today – spiritually encapsulated in it. Righteous, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost will abound everywhere they turn (Romans 14:17). I decree that every plan of the kingdom of darkness – the world, the flesh and the devil (Ephesians 2:1-3) – is thwarted over their lives today, in Jesus' Name, Hallelujah! I decree forth in faith on behalf of each of them, 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in every life today' (Matthew 6:9-13)! Hallelujah!”


What a joy to partner with the Lord and to be a blessing with Him by speaking forth His love. Glory! Decree His Blessings and His Truth over His 'SO LOVED' world. Decree God's Truth even over those who are making wicked choices today because “the goodness of God leads to repentance” (Romans 2:4). Fire it up! Love you, SMc



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