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ACTS Inspirations # 907

Christmas is Christ!
By Susan G. McIntosh

If it were your birthday or mine and no one remembered to celebrate us, how would we feel?  What if party celebration arrangements and beautiful decorations were weeks in the making, much money was spent and relatives and friends went to great effort to gather together, yet, when the day arrived, we were completely ignored, how would we feel?  What if our name was not mentioned?  What if grand gifts were exchanged amongst all who participated, yet, no one offered us a gift?  What if even when an occasional song was sung about us, no one looked our way?  What if during the whole month of our birthday not once did anyone remember it was we who were to be celebrated, yet, we were oblivious to all?  To be overlooked, as though on purpose, is more hurtful than to be forgotten.  To be dishonored and jilted by people you care for causes a pain of rejection.
Christmas is the celebration of Christ's leaving Heaven's glorious Throne Room to be humbly born in a lowly stable.  It was God's plan for Christ to come to earth as a baby, to grow to adulthood all for the ordained-by-God purpose of becoming a human sacrifice, dying on a cruel cross as the Redeemer of all of mankind.  Why then is He disdained by the majority of humanity and so rudely disregarded, evaded, forgotten, ignored, spurned and tossed-aside through the Christmas season, when we should be gratefully rejoicing the celebration of His birthday? 
As with so many memorable days of celebration, Christmas has been largely taken over by the opportunists who see it as an occasion to exploit and profit.  The Godhead, knowing all, was well aware the birth of Jesus would be largely misunderstood and discounted.  Yet, God in His great love for the world, still sent Jesus to be born among men, to grow to adulthood and be cruelly slain so that all who believe and receive His coming and sacrifice, not only are guaranteed Eternity in His Presence, but, can experience His Kingdom and His Will in daily life on earth.  Regardless of how the world views and experiences the Christmas season, we as Believers in Christ have a grand opportunity each year to let the world around us know that we celebrate the coming of the King of kings and Lord of lords.  It is a special season when we can express our love and devotion to Him publicly.
As Christmas Day approaches, I encourage you to spend less time shopping for gifts and more time celebrating the Gift Himself, Christ.  Purposely read the Gospel accounts aloud and share them with family and friends.  Sing to our Lord and King.  Worship Him.  Let’s daily express gratefulness to Him.  Ask Him what you can personally give to Him as a gift for His Birthday.  Maybe it will be in the form of a new worship song which He drops into your spirit.  Maybe it will be sharing the Gospel with at least one person a day throughout the month of December.  Maybe it will be purchasing Bibles to share with others as the Spirit leads.  Maybe for you it will be printing out portions of the passages surrounding His birth and then, as the Spirit leads, hand them out to people He points out to you while you are in the marketplace.
May this year be a year of more focus on the Christ of Christmas and less focus on the purchasing of gifts for one another.  May our Christmas meals be shared with people who would Eternally benefit by attending Christ’s Birthday celebration in your apartment or home.  When we stand before Jesus one day in Glory and we see the nail marks in His hands and feet, we will better grasp the fullness of Heaven's Gift to the world that first CHRISTmas Day! SMc

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