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ACTS-Inspirations # 912
With God, ALL Things Are Possible...

Only Believe!

By Susan G. McIntosh / / June 2017

Matthew 19:26 records when Jesus told His disciples, "...with God ALL things are possible." He made this statement to His followers right after a man with great possessions walked away sorrowfully when Jesus challenged him to sell his belongings and give the money to the poor. Apparently, the man's faith was in his "stuff" and stepping over into God's economy wasn't something he was ready to do. There is nothing wrong with having great wealth when we oversee it as Stewards of God's Kingdom. It is so amazing to watch when a person of means is led by the Holy Spirit. So often their wealth multiplies instead of diminishes because God puts a blessing on every Seed they Sow in obedience. Fear of not having enough can stifle a Blesser and their God-given ability to bless others. Believing we can trust God to do the impossible when we follow His leading sometimes takes radical trust to believe His promises!

Think of the little boy who gave Jesus his small lunch. Jesus received the little guy's "offering" and blessed it as "Seed sown." It began to multiply as the disciples each received the portion Jesus handed them. As they turned and, in faith, began to divide and share it, the impossible happened, it multiplied. Multiplication is the reward of obedience with expectancy, a believing God is going to do something Supernatural. Picture what was going on in people's minds when Jesus prayed over the little lunch and divided it among His disciples. Be assured, it did't multiply in the disciples' hands until they, in faith, began to divide it and share it. Can you imagine how they felt stepping out to feed a throng of hungry people when what Jesus handed them had not yet multiplied. The need was great, yes, but the gigantic, miraculous multiplication only became possible as the disciples repeatedly divided and shared what had been placed in their hands by Jesus.

The little boy believed he should hand Jesus the small lunch. He obeyed. Jesus knew that when He blessed it and gave the Father thanks, the impossible would happen. The disciples believed as they tore the seemingly inadequate portions and shared them. In the natural, a little boy's lunch could never multiply sufficiently to feed a multitude, must less end up with twelve baskets of leftovers which could be used to feed even more people in need!

Believing that our God has an economy far beyond what the world offers, takes faith to trust He is who He claims to be! Years ago when I laid down my good earning power and Ralph his well-established contracting business, it was a huge step of faith for us. Since then, we have never thought of ourselves as paupers even though at times we have left on international travel, in obedience, with solely "the little boy's lunch" in our bank account. Our reliance is on the same Jesus who miraculously fed a meal to 5,000 men, plus women and children, amen.

Mark 9:23 also states that ALL things are possible to him that believes. In that same chapter is the testimony of Jesus' setting a young boy free of a deaf and dumb spirit that had long thwarted and tormented the child. Yet, when the father cried out to Jesus, "Lord, I believe, help Thou my unbelief," the child was set free. The disciples wondered how they could see such miracles abound in their own ministries. Jesus read their thoughts and immediately told them that sometimes prayer and fasting is necessary for a massive breakthrough. Fasting isn't about suffering with starvation. I was in a quandary about it myself until I asked the Lord one day and He responded, "When you hear from Me as clearly as you do from your stomach's appetite signals, you and I can see greater things happen." From then on, when I felt called to fast for a day, three days, twenty-one or forty days to press in to hear

from Him and decree His promises as led, so breakthroughs would come, I often told my stomach, "Be quiet," when it tried to distract me with, "It is 9 c'clock and you haven't had breakfast yet."

My prayer for each of us today is, "Father, You are the God of MORE than enough. You do EXCEEDING, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE ALL that we can ask or think (Ephesians 3:14-21)! We will not be distracted by our possesions nor will we delay a miracle by not believing You are ready to do the impossible in every situation. We make a fresh resolve today to grab Your hand and partner with You however You need us. You have promised us so much if we will only believe and take You at Your Word! So, Fire it up, God. Profoundly impact 5,000 men, plus women and children with every "small lunch" we obediently hand You with expectant faith, as the Holy Spirit prompts us! We are ready to be used by You to impact needy people and nations with the Bread of Life, the Gospel, and with whatever provision You want to hand them through our hearts and lives. Hallelujah, thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name, Amen!" And all God's People say, "Amen!" SMc


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