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Spring 2019

It's spring time in the Northern hemisphere. Welcome to our latest newsletter. This quarter we've got a double celebration! Not only has Cochrane Oral Health secured infrastructure funding until 2025, our co-ordinating editor, Helen Worthington has been awarded the John Tomes Medal for her outstanding contribution to the dental profession. We're also reporting on a new resource that looks at oral health issues for refugees and asylum seekers. There is a bumper crop of training opportunities to investigate, and you can catch up with our new publications. Keep in touch between newsletters by signing up to our blog, following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook.


Cochrane Oral Health secures National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) funding

We are delighted to announce that Cochrane Oral Health has secured core infrastructure funding from the National Institute of Health Research to continue our work beyond 2020. The NIHR is Cochrane Oral Health's largest single funder, and they recently extended our grant until 2025, with a break for a review in 2023. 

Helen Worthington awarded the John Tomes Medal

The British Dental Association (BDA) have awarded the prestigious John Tomes Medal to Professor Helen Worthington, co-ordinating editor of Cochrane Oral Health. The BDA have recognised Helen for her contributions and influence in promoting evidence-based healthcare. "Over the years her work has impacted on policy and clinical practice in the UK and beyond and the consequence of this knowledge translation has been measurable improvements in oral health." Read more.

Evidence Aid launches priority area: oral health for refugees and asylum seekers

The Evidence Aid charity, who work with Cochrane to improve effective and timely access to systematic reviews of relevance to natural disasters and other humanitarian agencies, have launched a new resource aimed at oral health practitioners and policymakers. Four key systematic / scoping reviews have been identified, along with clinical guidelines. Each article has been summarised for ease of access, along with a relevant tag and classification. Read more

What's in store for Cochrane in 2019?

Cochrane's Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wilson, presents the highlights we can expect in 2019. They include the implementation of Cochrane's new content strategy, the development of an Editorial Charter, and the development and implementation of an agreed quality assurance process for high-profile reviews. Read more

Congratulations to Professor Noorliza Mastura Ismail!

Cochrane Oral Health author Professor Noorliza Mastura Ismail has received a Cochrane Gold award for her work on translating the plain language summaries of Cochrane reviews into Malay. The Malay Translation project has translated over 1700 Cochrane plain language summaries, and it is one of the fastest growing Cochrane translation initiatives. Professor Noorliza is a public health dentist who volunteers on the project. Her gold award was given for the 224 translations she has contributed to the project. She said: “It is a indeed worthwhile effort to do Bahasa Malaysia Cochrane Translation as it helps to disseminate scientific knowledge to a larger non English speaking community who needs the information.”

Cochrane TaskExchange: a new hub for Cochrane Consumers

TaskExchange is a platform for anyone who may be interested in being involved in producing Cochrane evidence, including consumers, patients and carers. It is online and designed to connect people working on evidence synthesis projects with people who have the time and expertise to help.  Find out more here.


Nottingham Systematic Review Course

The annual Systematic Review Course, held at the University of Nottingham in the UK, will take place this year from 18-21 June. It is aimed at participants who want to become proficient in developing and undertaking a Cochrane-style systematic review. It is an introductory course, and no previous knowledge is required. The course qualifies for 24 Royal College of Physicians CPD points. Course fees are £895. Find out more and register here.

New podcasts

Sedation of children undergoing dental treatment

Cochrane Oral Health clinical advisor and author Dr. Paul Ashley talks us through the evidence on sedation of anxious children undergoing dental treatment. Listen to Paul's podcast here.

Routine scale and polish for periodontal health in adults

Many adults in high-income countries will have had a ‘scale and polish’ when they go to the dentist, and some will be offered this routinely. But, is it worthwhile? Dr. Thomas Lamont from the University of Dundee in Scotland tells us more. Listen in here.
New and updated publications on the Cochrane Library

Review update: Routine scale and polish for periodontal health in adults

This review examined evidence for effects of routine scale and polish treatment. It was carried out by authors working with Cochrane Oral Health to assess the effects of routine scale and polish treatments for healthy adults; to establish whether different time intervals between treatments influence these effects; and to compare the effectiveness of the treatment when given by a dentist compared to a dental therapist or hygienist. Read more

Review update: Fluoride toothpastes of different concentrations for preventing dental caries

This review update looks at the evidence on the effects of different fluoride strengths on preventing tooth decay in children, adolescents and adults. 96 studies were found and analysed.  Read more

Review update: Interventions for the treatment of oral and oropharyngeal cancers: surgical treatment

We evaluated clinical trials of surgical treatments for oral and oropharyngeal cancers to find out which were most likely to result in people with these cancers living longer (overall survival). living longer without symptoms (disease‐free survival), and not experiencing a recurrence of the cancer at the same site or spread to other sites. We also wanted to find out how different treatments affect disease symptoms, quality of life, time in hospital, complications, side effects and cost. Read more

Review update: Interventions for treating traumatised permanent front teeth: avulsed (knocked out) and replanted

Traumatic dental injuries are common. One of the most severe injuries is when a permanent tooth is knocked completely out of the mouth (avulsed). In most circumstances the tooth should be replanted as quickly as possible. There is uncertainty on which interventions will maximise the survival and repair of the replanted tooth. This is an update of a Cochrane Review first published in 2010. Read more

Review update: Dental cavity liners for Class I and Class II resin-based composite restorations

This review was conducted to assess the effects of using liners under tooth‐colored resin fillings in cavities on the biting surface (Class I) and the biting surface and side(s) (Class II) of permanent teeth in the back of the mouth in children and adults. Read more

Translated reviews

In this quarter, our reviews have been translated into Chinese, French, Malay, Russian and Spanish. To access our translated reviews, visit the January and February translation pages on our website!


Upcoming training opportunities

Beginning a systematic review protocol and the methods section of the protocol
Oxford, UK
21-22 May

Writing a systematic review following Cochrane Methods
Adelaide, Australia
22-24 May

Analysis methods for systematic reviews and advanced topics in the analysis and reporting of systematic reviews
Oxford, UK
11-12 June

Identifying diagnostic test accuracy studies: challenges and strategies
York, UK
12 June

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognosis studies
Sydney, Australia
19-21 June

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies
Utrecht, The Netherlands
26-28 June

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognosis studies
Utrecht, The Netherlands
1-3 July

Early economic modelling to inform clinical trial design and other decisions
York, UK
2 July

Health utilities for economic models
York, UK
3 July

Writing a systematic review following Cochrane methods
Sydney, Australia
10-12 July

Using the GRADE approach to summarise evidence for policy and practice
Sydney, Australia
11 July


Cochrane Learning Live presents the following webinar which you can join online - sign up is free of charge.

Visualising Cochrane evidence in practice: experience from the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group
11 April 2019, 08:00 UTC 

How RevMan web can improve your experience of writing a systematic review
7 May 2019, 12:00 UTC

Colloquia and other Cochrane meetings

The Cochrane Colloquium will take place in Santiago, Chile in October 2019. Registration is now open! Register before 25 July to take advantage of the early bird discount rate. Abstract submission closes on 12 April. Visit the website for more information and to sign up.
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