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Cochrane Oral Health Group

COHG Review Proposals | Change in policy

Due to the prioritization of topic areas, the Cochrane Oral Health Group is changing their policy on the registration of new systematic review propsals from 12 February 2013.

New review proposals will now be considered by a meeting of the Editorial Team twice a year, in October and April. A maximum of four review titles will be registered at this meeting.

To submit a review proposal for the October 2013 meeting, the following process should be followed:

  • Fill in a review proposal form, which can be found on our website
  • Include PDF copies of at least two randomized controlled trials which meet the inclusion criteria of the proposed review
  • Include a CV from the lead author
  • Email the documents to:


  • We are currently only registering new reviews based on interventions (prevention or treatment) rather than diagnostic test accuracy or prognosis.
  • You should also check that your topic does not overlap any of the Group’s existing reviews, by checking the links found on our website.
  • Please also read section 3.2.4 of the Cochrane Policy Manual, which gives a clear understanding of expectations of authors.

All review proposal documents should be received by October 1, 2013.

If you have not heard from us by November 1, 2013, please assume that your review proposal has not been successful.

The Cochrane Collaboration and Wiley sign new publishing agreement

The Cochrane Library
On 5 February 2013, a renewed contract was signed between the publishers of The Cochrane Library, Wiley, and The Cochrane Collaboration, the international not-for-profit producers of systematic reviews of healthcare evidence and operators of the largest database of randomized controlled trials.

Highlights of the new contract include:
  • all Cochrane systematic reviews published from February 2013 will be available open access 12 months after publication in The Cochrane Library;
  • a programme to enhance the international reach, awareness and influence of all Cochrane content in evidence-based health care and practice;
  • improved accessibility for non-English language users;
  • development of new products and services to better serve clinical and non-clinical communities; and,
  • growth of the Collaboration’s reputation as the world’s foremost provider of independent, trusted, high-quality evidence for healthcare decision-making.
More than half the world’s population already has one-click access to Cochrane content through licenses or free access through the low- and middle- income countries programme.

"It marks a significant advance in establishing funded, free, and open access to Cochrane systematic reviews for clinicians, researchers and patients around the world; provides major investment in technology and new product development to keep us at the cutting edge of innovation in healthcare information; and also supports our organizational ambitions to promote evidence-based health care across the globe."
Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer,
The Cochrane Collaboration
Click here to read more.

RevMan update version 5.2 released

RevMan 5.2 released

RevMan version 5.2 was released at the end of 2012.

It includes numerous important changes for Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) reviews, the central one being support for the new QUADAS-2 tool.

Other improvements for all users include:
  • Published PDF Preview
Previously only available through Archie, this lets you see how the PDF version of the review will look when published. This is especially useful if you have large or complex tables in the review.
  • Extra validation of references to Cochrane Reviews
This connects to Archie to check the details of each cited review. Because of the connection requirement it is only done when you run the Validation Report, not continuously as part of Validate As You Type. 

The full list of changes are available here.

Revisions of MECIR standards released

The Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) project aims to specify methodological expectations for Cochrane reviews on the effects of interventions, and to ensure that these expectations are supported and implemented across the Collaboration.

Recently, revised standards for new reviews were issued by the MECIR team. It is imperative that you become familiar with these expectations.

These standards provide clarity in line with the Cochrane Handbook about expectations on how to conduct a new Cochrane Intervention Review. They are not considered to be applicable to updates of Cochrane Reviews at this point; however, this will be subject to review later in 2013.

Please find the relevant changes below:

Recently published in The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Oral Health Group publishes its reviews, updates and protocols within The Cochrane Library.

The most recent issue of The Cochrane Library was Issue 12, released in December 2012. Within it, COHG published the following:
- Local interventions for the management of alveolar osteitis (dry socket)
Daly B, Sharif MO, Newton T, Jones K, Worthington HV.
Review update (conclusions not changed)
- Extraction of primary (baby) teeth for unerupted palatally displaced permanent canine teeth in children
Parkin N, Furness S, Shah A, Thind B, Marshman Z, Glenroy G, et al.
Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) protocol
- Diagnostic tests for oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders in patients presenting with clinically evident lesions
Liu JLY, Walsh T, Kerr AR, Lingen M, Brocklehurst P, Ogden G, et al.
Intervention protocol
- Non-pharmacological interventions for alleviating pain during orthodontic treatment
Strydom H, Pandis N, Katsaros C, Curatolo M, Fudalej P.

In Issue 11, released in November 2012, COHG published the following:
- Antibiotics to prevent complications following tooth extractions
Lodi G, Figini L, Sardella A, Carrassi A, Del Fabbro M, Furness S.
Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) protocol
- Clinical assessment to screen for the detection of oral cavity cancer and potentially malignant disorders in apparently healthy adults
Walsh T, Liu JLY, Brocklehurst P, Lingen M, Kerr AR, Ogden G, et al.
Intervention protocols
- Interventions for replacing missing teeth: alveolar ridge preservation techniques for oral implant site development
Atieh MA, Alsabeeha NHM, Payne AGT, Duncan W, Esposito M.
- Lasers for caries removal in deciduous and permanent teeth
Montedori A, Abraha I, Orso M, D'Errico PG, Pagano S, Lombardo G.
- Maternal consumption of xylitol for preventing dental decay in children
Richards D, Duane B, Sherriff A.
- Orthodontic treatment for bimaxillary proclination in children and adults
Fleming PS, Pandis N, Fedorowicz Z, Carlo RA, Seehra J.

A full list of all titles registered with the Cochrane Oral Health Group, protocols and reviews currently in the editorial process can be found here.

To find out what has recently been published within the Cochrane Library, please click here.

Cochrane OHG's blog
If you would like to send any comments, suggestions or a contribution, please contact the COHG Newsletter Editor.

Struggling with an OHG registered title?

Sometimes no matter how much you read a handbook, you just need to be shown how to do something or have it explained in person.

Visiting COHG's editorial base can be enormously helpful in clearing up any concerns, and it's always nice to put a face to a name...

One of our authors recently visited the editorial base for assistance. His testimonial follows:

"Carrying out a Cochrane systematic review can at times be difficult and confusing.
Armed with a multitude of questions regarding statistics, format, procedure and much more, I decided to visit the COHG department in Manchester to seek answers.
The advice and assistance on offer was fantastic. I achieved more in the space of a day than I had in weeks trying to do it from work and home.
The statistical help was invaluable, and the experience and knowledge from those in the department provided clarity where previously there had been confusion.

I was provided with my own office and computer and was immediately made to feel comfortable. I had planned only to go for a single day, but as I achieved so much I decided to return and it has resulted in finishing my review well ahead of when I had planned."

~ Simon Watkinson 2012

Why not contact the base to arrange a visit yourself to gain support and advice-in-person? Email for more details.

20th Anniversary website launched

20 years of  The Cochrane Collaboration
Throughout 2013, The Cochrane Collaboration is celebrating twenty years of its existence.

As part of a series of events to mark this anniversary, a series of videos has been commissioned focusing on the ideas, achievements and people that have contributed to its growth since 1993.

Visit the anniversary site to find out more and watch the short video series, updated every fortnight.

COHG TSC secondment

COHG's editorial base congratulates the group's Trial Search Coordinator, Anne Littlewood, on her recent secondment to the Cochrane Register of Studies User Support Team.

Anne will spend 1 day each week supporting other Trial Search Coordinators in using the Cochrane Register of Studies software.

The new software is currently being rolled out and has been designed to improve the quality of the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials within the Cochrane Library.

Need a bit of help to update your skills?
Cochrane Training

There are always plenty of Cochrane training opportunities being organised to take place around the world, whether you're looking for a webinar that you can join online or training to attend in person.
To stay updated with what's happening, take a look at the workshop list.

Introduction to writing a Cochrane systematic review - Sydney, Australia

This three-day workshop, 3-5 July 2013, is designed for new authors starting a Cochrane systematic review.

A mixture of presentations and hands-on sessions will give you an overview of all the methods required to write your protocol and get started on the review.

Click here to find out more.

UK Meeting | Oxford, 20-21 March

21st UK Cochrane Centre symposium

In the year in which we celebrate the 21st birthday of the UK Cochrane Centre, we need to reflect on the 21st century challenges and ask: what are some of these challenges and how can Cochrane address them?

This special Anniversary Symposium, taking place in Oxford 20-21 March, asks the question:
How can Cochrane best support patients and practitioners in shared decision-making in the 21st century?

Click here to register by 22 February, or click here to view the UK symposium schedule.

Download the GA information pack here. Please contact Jo Leese for further information.

Global Alliance contributors

The following organisations have generously provided funding for the Cochrane Oral Health Group Global Alliance to enable COHG to deliver important/priority reviews in a more timely manner by increasing methodological capacity at the editorial base:

We are immensely grateful to them for their contributions.

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