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Happy 20th anniversary Cochrane collaborators!

The Cochrane Collaboration will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, and to celebrate the milestone we are promoting the work conducted by The Cochrane Collaboration (either generally, or in the field of dentistry by COHG) and getting the word out to increase usership and engagement with our reviews across the globe.

We would like our contributors to consider helping us to promote The Cochrane Collaboration's work during 2013; whether you want to use one of our formatted presentations, pre-approved written copy, supporting statements, timelines, branded logos or output graphs - we'll provide the materials you might need to spread the word; the important thing is that we get everyone talking about it!

To gain access to the password-protected prepared material, please email and tell us how you're planning to promote CC20 and the COHG in 2013.

Recently published in The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Oral Health Group publishes its reviews, updates and protocols within the Cochrane Library.

The most recent issue of the Cochrane Library is Issue 4, released in April 2012. Within it, COHG published the following:
New reviews
- Interventions for the management of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis.
De Souza RF, Lovato da Silva CH, Nasser M, Fedorowicz Z, Al‐Muharraqi MA.
New protocols
- Gingival retraction for fixed prosthodontic treatment.
Ban Z, Jia Y, Li C, Zhu Z, Ban Y, Shi Z

In Issue 3, released in March 2012, COHG published the following:
New reviews
- One‐to‐one dietary interventions undertaken in a dental setting to change dietary behaviour.
Harris R, Gamboa A, Dailey Y, Ashcroft A.
Review updates (New search / conclusions changed)
- Sedation of children undergoing dental treatment.
Lourenço‐Matharu L, Ashley PF, Furness S.
New protocols
- Non‐fluoride topical remineralising agents containing calcium and/or phosphate for controlling dental caries.
Parnell C, Gugnani N, Sherriff A, James P, Beirne PV.
- Intraoperative local anaesthesia for reduction of postoperative pain following general anaesthesia for dental treatment in children and adolescents.
Parekh S, Gardener C, Moles DR.

To find out what has else has recently been published within the Cochrane Library, please click here.

Global Alliance AGM | 22 May 2012

Priority reviews are determined in consultation with our members in the Global Alliance who come from across the spectrum of international organisations and specialist groups in all areas of oral health care.
We host an annual Editorial Meeting (AGM) to discuss priority reviews inviting a representative for each GA partner to retain focus for, and involvement from our members.

The first AGM is taking place on 22 May 2012, with participation from:
  • British Orthodontic Society,
  • New York University Dental School, 
  • British Society of Paediatric Dentistry,
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh,
  • Canadian Dental Hygienists Association,
  • American Dental Specialty Group (DSG),
  • American Dental Association,
  • Swiss Society for Endodontology, and
  • Australian Prosthodontic Society.

Please contact us at if your organisation would be interested in getting involved in the GA.

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If you would like to send any comments, suggestions or a contribution, please contact the COHG Newsletter Editor.

The COHG Global Alliance allows an expert methodological and administrative team to lead the conduct of priority reviews alongside international clinical experts and consumer involvement.

Read the GA Activities Report (December 2011) here.

Download the GA marketing pack here.

Please contact Anne Littlewood for further information.

Managing expectations:
What you can expect from COHG, and what COHG expects from its authors

The Cochrane Collaboration is committed to encouraging wide participation in which the opportunities to contribute should be equally available to all.

In practice, reconciling the Collaboration’s principles of inclusivity with the limited capacity of CRGs and Centres to offer open-ended support necessarily means that COHG has to be pragmatic when considering approaches from new review teams.

For authors who are thinking about preparing a Cochrane Review, there is clear information about what is expected of them in terms of skills and competencies, and in return what they can expect from COHG by way of training and support.

To read the full policy, please click here. Alternatively, to find out how COHG considers registering new titles, please click here.
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