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15 June 2020
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Welcome to the first edition of Mine Rehabilitation News. Published quarterly, this newsletter covers the latest mine rehabilitation outcomes, events, publications and environment news.

A highlight in our first edition is the introduction of Rehabilitation Information Releases (RIRs) which are published to draw attention to rehabilitation outcomes, initiatives and learnings at NSW mines sites.

Following assessment and determination that rehabilitation obligations have been fulfilled to the requisite standard in accordance with the approved closure plan and development consent, an RIR is published on our website. The completion of rehabilitation, and subsequent sign-off from the Regulator via an RIR, demonstrates that there is a strong regulatory framework in relation to mine rehabilitation and that beneficial post-mining land uses can be established after the closure of a mine.

Regulating Mine Rehabilitation

A key priority for the NSW Government and the mining sector is the rehabilitation of mines. We are responsible for the regulation of mining across the state. As part of our responsibilities, we ensure that rehabilitation is undertaken progressively, and mines are fully rehabilitated once mining is completed.

A rehabilitation security bond must be provided before exploration and mining activities begin. As of March 2020, the NSW Government held around $3.1 billion in security bonds for rehabilitation of exploration and mining impacts.

We have a strong regulatory approach which ensures that mines in NSW are fully rehabilitated to achieve sustainable land use now and into the future.

Latest compliance audit reports

We routinely undertake compliance audits of mining operations and exploration activities to assess whether titleholders are meeting their compliance requirements and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our most recent compliance audit reports can be viewed below.
Read the report: Metropolitan Colliery, Metropolitan Collieries Pty Ltd
Read the report: Dendrobium Colliery, Illawarra Coal Pty Ltd
Read the report: Woodlawn Mine, Tarago Operations Pty Ltd

Fieldsend Clay Mine returns to native bushland

CSR Building Products Limited has successfully completed rehabilitation works at the former Fieldsend Clay Mine, Metford NSW, satisfactorily meeting approved rehabilitation objectives and completion criteria.

Clay, shale and sandstone materials were extracted continuously from the site since 1882 for brick making. Since the completion of mining in 2008, the site was remediated, reshaped and seeded. This has included planting more than 250,000 mixed native tube stock around the waterbody to create a wildlife habitat and stabilise the banks, creating a safe and stable landform for passive recreational activities.

Read the full rehabilitation information release

Westside open-cut returns to bushland

38 hectares of the north pit area, known as ‘Domain 2’ at the former Westside Mine at Wakefield NSW has been successfully rehabilitated, resulting in a bushland outcome with some retained access tracks and small dams.

Surrounded by native vegetation, characterised by a relatively large expanse of remnant forest that forms a corridor with the Heaton and Awaba State Forests, the former open-cut mine site has been undergoing progressive rehabilitation since operations ceased in 2012.
Read the full rehabilitation information release

Coal Preparation Plant rehabilitation achieves residential land use

We have recently completed assessments of the progressive rehabilitation works undertaken at Catherine Hill Bay Mine and determined that the rehabilitation obligations have been fulfilled to the requisite standard in accordance with the approved closure plan and development consent.

The domain (5a) associated with the former mining operations, and where rehabilitation has now been completed, comprises around 6 hectares of a former coal stockpile area, resulting in a safe, stable and non-polluting landform to support the approved residential subdivision and land use.
Read the full rehabilitation information release

Completion of rehabilitation at Kempsey Clay Mine

In October 2019, Fishers Property Group Pty Ltd (FGP) lodged an application with us to obtain formal sign off on completed rehabilitation works at the former Kempsey Clay Mine site. Our assessment determined the rehabilitation was undertaken progressively in accordance with the obligations set out in the mining operations plan and the security deposit was returned to the title holder.

The approved rehabilitation objectives include establishing a safe and stable landform to provide a suitable location for an industrial subdivision.

Read the full rehabilitation information release

Changes to our website

We have started to revise the environment section of our website. Significant changes have been made to our rehabilitation and tailings storage facility management sections.

Additional guidance material and content will be added in the coming months, so please keep an eye out.


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