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5 June 2018
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Falling risks at opal mine shafts

Three recent incidents have generated significant concern regarding the implementation and use of safe systems of work associated with accessing and egressing from open shafts and shaft security in general at the Lightning Ridge opal fields.
The accident scene at the May incident in which a miner fell down a shaft.
Incident 1:On Saturday 16 December 2017, a resident living near an unused shaft fell about 6 metres down the shaft. More than 24 hours passed before the resident was found and rescued.

Incident 2: On Sunday 29 April 2018, a claim holder/mining operator suffered spinal fractures when he fell to the bottom of a mine shaft while undertaking work on the ladder in the shaft.

Incident 3: On Friday 11 May 2018, a claim holder/mining operator fell down a shaft while using the mine shaft access ladder to exit the shaft. The miner suffered serious injuries including compound fractures to both ankles and a fractured femur.

Further information
For further details and recommendations to industry, download the full version of the safety bulletin using the link below.

People warned of fall risk in opal mine fields [PDF, 151Kb]

Safe storage, handling and notification of hazardous chemicals

The Resources Regulator has a current compliance priority in relation to the safe storage, handling and notification of hazardous chemicals. As part of this priority program, a review of all mines and petroleum site notifications is being conducted.

In accordance with cl 348 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017, mines and petroleum sites are required to notify the regulator where a quantity of schedule 11 hazardous chemicals, or group of Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals exceeding the manifest quantity is, or is to be, used, handled or stored at the workplace. Notifications by mine and petroleum site operators in relation to this provision are to be made via the SafeWork NSW online notification form. The notification form and guidance material are available at

The online notification form has been recently updated to include mine and petroleum site specific information. As a result, the Resources Regulator requests that all mine and petroleum sites update existing notifications, or make any required notifications as soon as reasonably practicable and no later than 25 July 2018.

We thank you for you attention to this matter. If you require further information please email

Gazette recognises existing qualifications 

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a gazette relating to the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014.

The gazette (Order No.5), Recognition of existing qualifications for eligibility for underground mine supervisor of an underground mine other than coal mines, is in addition to Order No. 3 published in the NSW Government Gazette No. 12 of 2 February 2018, but only in respect of recognising the certificate of competence for underground mine supervisor to be a practising certificate for the underground mine supervisor as detailed in clause 26 of Schedule 10 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014.

Please refer to NSW Government Gazette No. 52 (25 May 2018, pg. 3063) for further information.
Download Order No.5 extract of the NSW Government Gazette No. 52 [PDF, 203.2Kb]
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