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16 MAY 2018

Investigation information release

Dangerous incident

Incident date: 23 January 2018
Event: Ignition of methane at continuous miner working face
Location: Chain Valley Colliery – Vales Point NSW

A frictional ignition of methane occurred at an underground coal mine in January this year, in which a continuous miner intersected a projected structure during production in a development panel. Workers on the machine tried to extinguish the fire using water hoses, but this was unsuccessful. The fire was eventually extinguished using a fire extinguisher. No workers were injured. 

Further information
For further investigation details, download the full version of the investigation information release using the link below.
Download the full investigation information release [PDF, 51 KB]

Safety alert

CMI 425 Amp flameproof restrained receptacle recall 

This safety alert must be read in conjunction with the CMI ELECTRICAL PRODUCT RECALL - CMI 300/425A Restrained Receptacle Range - ANZEx 13.3002; IECEx TSA 13.0005X. (Available as part of the full safety alert link provided below).

CMI Electrical have identified that some 425A receptacles may have been supplied with 300A phase pins in lieu of 425A phase pins. The CMI product recall letter has identified that it is possible that approximately 30 of the 425A receptacles may have been supplied with the incorrect pins fitted.

Further information
For further details and recommendations to industry, download the full version of the safety alert using the link below.
Download the full safety alert including the CMI Electrical product recall [PDF, 348 KB]

Quarterly report

Fires on mobile plant

January - March 2018

The NSW Resources Regulator reviews in-service fires on mobile plant at NSW mines. The intent of this quarterly report is to present data collected from ancillary reports to facilitate industry understanding.
fires on mobile plant
Key observations

Underground fires: Significant fires have occurred in the first quarter of 2018, including four fires in underground metalliferous mines. Fires on mobile plant in underground mines represent a risk to all workers who may be exposed to the products of combustion and the loss of safe egress from the underground parts of a mine during a fire. One of the underground fires involved an explosive-charging vehicle where the automatic fire suppression system was also found to be faulty. The vehicle fires occurred on the declines causing, in some cases, obstruction to egress.

Human and organisational factors: A review of ancillary report comments established a significant correlation of fires with recent mobile plant maintenance or overhaul work. NSW Resources Regulator inspectors have begun planned inspections targeting human and organisational factors and maintenance practices that contribute to fires on mobile plant. The aim of the planned inspections is to identify factors that may have degraded the performance of the plant, the maintenance team and the operator.

Fire suppression failures: Twenty-seven (27) fires occurred in the first quarter of 2018. Of these fires, the fire suppression system failed on four occasions. This is a significant number of failures in this small sample, representing 15% of all fires.

Hot surface fires: Fires related to an escape of fluid onto a hot surface (diesel exhaust/turbo) continue to dominate mobile plant fire statistics.

Fleet census: A census of NSW mines and quarries mobile plant fleet was initiated in April and closes in May 2018. The census information will be used to normalise fire event data allowing the regulator to develop objective and targeted strategies to help reduce the incidence of fires on mobile plant.

Further information
For further details download the full version of the quarterly report using the link below.
Download the full Quarterly report - Fires on mobile plant [PDF, 511KB]
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