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Weekly incident summary - week ending 02 April 2021
40 reportable incidents, 3 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0039537

Open cut coal mine
Summary: A fitter received a severe laceration to his left cheek while removing a cross-member from the engine bay of a haul truck. Two fitters were removing the cross-member by jacking from below and lifting with a crane. The injured worker was reportedly moving electrical cables from the path of the cross-member when it came loose. The tension applied by the slings, combined with the pressure from the jack, allowed the cross-member to rise-up quickly and strike the fitter. The incorrect procedure was being used for the task.
Comments to industry: Mechanical engineering control plans must set out the control measures for risks associated with the unintended release of mechanical energy by considering safe work systems for people dealing with plant or structures. Mine operators should review how workers and supervisors are trained to recognise the potential hazards associated with all energy sources, including the load introduced by lifting equipment on plant. This is especially important when there is the potential for stored energy to be released without warning.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0039565

Underground coal mine
Summary: A worker sustained a 75 millimetre laceration to his arm and dislocated his right shoulder when he lost control of an energised water hose. The worker was in the process of reconnecting a two inch hose to a continuous miner following the addition of an extra 20 metre length of hose. A ball valve fitted to the end of the hose was closed and the line was charged with water. The worker attempted to flush the line by opening the ball valve but lost control of the hose, which subsequently struck his right arm and side.
Comments to industry: Mine operators should consider alternatives for flushing charged hoses that do not involve a worker having to control the hose by hand when releasing pressure from a ball valve.
Consideration should be given to mounting a valve system on continuous miners so that hoses can be securely retained prior to charging and flushing. Consider using gate valves in place of ball valves to better control the release of energy. Workers should be reminded of the risks involved in fully opening a ball valve on a charged hose.

Dangerous incident |  IncNot0039566
Metals processing

Summary: A worker received an electric shock from a metal ring surrounding an emergency stop button on a pump control panel. The worker was attempting to start the pump and had one hand on scaffolding and the other hand pushing the start button. He brushed against the metal ring surrounding the e-stop button and received an electric shock. The control panel is powered by 110 volts and has a non-metallic enclosure. Its ingress protection (IP) failed, which allowed water into the enclosure.
Comments to industry: IP rating is critical in areas with the potential for water ingress and should be maintained as fit-for-purpose throughout its life cycle. Mine operators should consider the use of extra low voltage control systems where possible to mitigate the risk of electric shock in the event of IP failures.

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