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Weekly incident summary - week ending 27 August 2021
41 reportable incidents, 2 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0040563

Underground coal mine
Summary: A mine worker was found caught by his arm in a fully opened underground ventilation door. The door is hydraulically operated and opens vertically. The ventilation door had been jamming in the frame earlier in the shift. The worker requested the ventilation door be opened, however, it failed to open. The worker then opened a personnel access door fitted to the ventilation door and the ventilation door unexpectedly opened. The personnel access door slammed, jamming two of the worker's fingers. The worker was lifted from the ground as the ventilation door opened and he was left suspended by the two trapped fingers. A short time later, another worker drove a machine to a nearby fill point. The trapped worker yelled for help. The colleague lowered the door to free the trapped worker and initiated an emergency response.
Comments to industry: Engineering systems or controls should be installed such that when a piece of equipment fails to operate as intended it should fault to a safe state. The equipment should then require a reset or other signal before being capable of being energised. Mine operators should review the risk of entrapment associated with ventilation doors which are either hydraulic, automatic or operate in high ventilation pressures.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0040543

Mobile plant
Summary: A rigger sustained a broken right tibia and fibula after being struck by a forklift. Two riggers were directing the forklift into position when a misalignment was identified, requiring the forklift operator to reverse and reposition the forklift. During this time, the riggers identified the need to alter the rigging before the forklift lifted the load. The riggers began altering the rigging on the load. At the same time the forklift operator moved forward, striking one of the riggers on the back of the lower leg.
Comments to industry: Mine operators and workers must ensure clear communication between forklift operators and spotters. Forklift operators must be aware of worker position before moving. No standing zones should be identified and implemented prior to a task commencing.

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Following a death of a mine worker in 2020, the coroner recommended that the Queensland Department of Resources Safety and Health establish a guideline of what may be considered in relation to preventing further ingress to the goaf during sealing up operations.

Publication: Queensland Resources Safety and Health (Mineral Mines and Quarries)
High potential incident periodical (MMQ) – June
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