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27 July 2018 | ISR18-29 | Go to website
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Week ending 25 July 2018
High level summary of emerging trends and our recommendations to operators.

Reportable incidents total: 42
Summarised incidents: 8

This incident summary provides information on reportable incidents and safety advice for the NSW mining industry.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01189

SummaryWhile installing the casing of a new dewatering borehole, the drill rig winch rope failed allowing the casing to drop. The casing pipe dropped until the lifting lugs on the casing caught on the borehole collar. At the time of the incident there was approximately 210 metres of casing in the hole.

Recommendations to industry: Winch ropes are to be regularly inspected during all tasks.
Triggers for rope replacement are to be determined considering the task, rating of ropes and the risk associated with rope failure. Mines must have adequate guarding and safe standing zones to protect workers in place for rope failure.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01187

SummaryA turbo fire occurred on an agitator at an underground metalliferous mine. The operator stopped the machine and extinguished the fire with a hand-held extinguisher. A coolant leak was identified as the cause.

Recommendations to industry: SA18-08 Underground mine fire initiates emergency response was recently released. The glycol content of coolant is flammable and once the water evaporates, it can be a fuel source for a fire. Lagging has the potential to soak up liquid and can accumulate fuel for a fire.   
Deteriorating lagging is a fuel source and should be replaced as required.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01182

SummaryA collision occurred between a grader and a haul truck. The collision caused the grader to be pushed 15 metres from its location prior to contact. No one was injured.

Recommendations to industry: Operators of mobile equipment must not place other workers at risk.  Maintaining focus and attention is vital to avoiding collisions.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01180

SummaryA fire was identified on collapsed conveyor idler in an underground coal mine. An operator in the conveyor belt roadway smelled smoke and followed the smell until he saw a small flame (lighter size) emerging from an idler on the conveyor.

Recommendations to industry: The Mechanical Engineering Control Plan for a mine must set out the control measures to manage risks arising from fires being initiated or fueled by plant. In developing these control measures a mine operator must take into account the prevention, detection and suppression of fires on conveyors. Mines must have a system to identify and change-out rollers. People conducting inspections must be aware of the increased risk of roller failure at high tension sections of belt.  

Serious injury | SinNot 2018/01169

SummaryA worker received a broken leg and another worker a dislocated shoulder when they jumped from the tray of a runaway vehicle.  The vehicle was climbing a steep grade when the vehicle stalled and slid down the hill. The incident was not reported immediately.

Recommendations to industry: Operators must only ride in designated seats where protective devices are fitted to protect them from injury. Vehicles must be assessed as fit for the intended purpose before starting a job. Assessment must consider all operating parameters such as grade, surface, traction and loading. Section 15 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Act 2013 requires immediate notification of dangerous incidents and serious injuries.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01168

SummaryTwo articulated dump trucks collided when one truck failed to negotiate a bend. It is reported that an operator had a microsleep.

Recommendations to industry: When overtime shifts are allocated, workers’ fitness for work, including fatigue, must be considered.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01166

SummaryA collision occurred when an excavator slewed around, striking a dozer. The contact separated the access ladder from the dozer. The dozer operator failed to gain positive communication before entering the swing radius of the excavator. The excavator operator also failed to follow the relevant operating procedure for this task.

Recommendations to industry: SB18-06 Lack of positive communications details positive communication and proximity detection and collision avoidance requirements. Section 28 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 requires workers to comply with reasonable instructions given to them, in this case a procedure.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/01158

SummaryA worker injured his arm while taking evasive action to avoid being struck by falling strata. 
The worker was installing bolts between the roof supports when the piece of stone fell (approximately 2.9 x 0.8 x 0.6 metres) from the face. The stone did not strike the worker.

Recommendations to industry: Where unsupported strata exists during longwall face bolt-up there are many operational controls that can be implemented to reduce exposure to operators. These include:
  • leaving a bench to improve face stability
  • pillar design and roadway rib support to improve tailgate face stability
  • installation of temporary roof support
  • changes to cutting horizon
  • use of rapid face bolters to give operators additional protection. 

Number of incident notifications, by commencement month and incident type​ 

Other safety publications of note

Other safety publications of note

Publication Issue / Topic
WorkSafe NZ in MinEx
  • Electric shock while dispensing diesel from tank (Static electrical discharge, poorly grounded or bonded tanks) Details
  • WorkSafe NZ has recently investigated incidents of driveshaft parking brakes failing to keep vehicles stationary. Details
  • MNM Serious Accident Alert
    On July 2, 2018, a miner in the process of dumping the contents in the vacuum truck was seriously injured when he tripped while chasing the vacuum truck that began to roll away.
    Access the MNM Serious Accident Alert here
DNRME Qld in MinEx
  • In June 2018 on a surface coal mine, a D11 Dozer travelled over the crest of a high wall while ripping after dark, falling approximately 16 metres onto a lower bench. Dozer operator was seriously injured.
    A similar incident happened 12 months earlier in almost the exact same circumstances (but in daylight) with a fortunately similar outcome. Details
WA Mines Dept.
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*While the majority of incidents are reported and recorded within a week of the event, some are notified outside this time period. The incidents in this report therefore have not necessarily occurred in a one week period. All newly recorded incidents, whatever the incident date, are reviewed by the Chief Inspector and senior staff each week and summarised in this report. For more comprehensive statistical data refer to our Annual Performance Measures Reports.
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