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3 May 2018 | ISR18-17 | Go to website
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Week ending 2 May 2018

Reportable incidents total: 39
Summarised incidents: 7

Incidents of note for which operators should consider the comments provided and determine if action needs to be taken.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/00664

SummaryA fire occurred on an ejector truck that was travelling underground in the main decline. The operator activated the onboard fire suppression, which extinguished the fire.

Recommendations to industry: Fire risk assessments should include a review of fuel and ignition sources and have suitable controls in place. Operational risk assessments for declines and access drifts should consider the risk of fire on mobile plant and the potential loss of safe egress and ventilation contamination arising from a fire.

Serious injury | SinNot 2018/00652

SummaryA deputy suffered two fractured fingers after being hit with a conveyor stringer. The deputy was trying to remove a centre conveyor idler with the conveyor stringer. The deputy was pivoting the stringer off the bottom belt by standing on it. The tool slipped and jammed the fingers of his left hand against the belt stringer.

Recommendations to industry: Use fit-for-purpose equipment for the task. If the correct equipment is unavailable, the task should not be performed until the proper equipment is sourced. Correct equipment should be identified in procedures for routine tasks.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/00648

SummaryAt an underground metalliferous mine, a high voltage cable was damaged when an underground loader lifted its bucket to dump a load and impacted the cable.

Recommendations to industry: Machine operators need to maintain awareness for installed hazards such as cables. Areas with high voltage cables should be clearly delineated and avoided when choosing locations for dumps, stow areas and storage locations.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/00639

SummaryAn unplanned movement occurred on a continuous miner conveyor boom. The movement only stopped when the boom reached the mechanical stops. The fault could be repeated.

Recommendations to industry: Unplanned movement of machinery should be accounted for when developing safe standing zones. This risk should be communicated to workers during no-go zone training.

Serious injury | SinNot 2018/00638

SummaryAt an underground coal mine, a worker suffered a broken ankle when a slab of coal hit him. The slab was reported to be about
1 m high and 0.5 m thick and broke away from the upper rib.

Recommendations to industry: A section 195 notice was issued to the mine operator prohibiting mining activity at the location until a detailed investigation has been completed. Rib conditions and the suitability of installed support should be monitored on an ongoing basis. Any issues identified should have corrective actions planned.

Dangerous incident | SinNot 2018/00637

SummaryA service truck collided with a fully loaded ultra-class haul truck at a four-way intersection.

Recommendations to industry: This incident is the subject of a major investigation. An Investigation Information Release will be issued shortly.

Severe incident | SinNot 2018/00623

SummaryA spontaneous combustion event at an open cut coal mine was reported to the Resources Regulator, but it had not been notified by the mine. The mine was responding to an ongoing heating event.

Recommendations to industry: The Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 has been amended to include spontaneous combustion at a coal mine as a dangerous incident.
Mines should review the updated legislation to ensure compliance with all notification requirements.


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*While the majority of incidents are reported and recorded within a week of the event, some are notified outside this time period. The incidents in this report therefore have not necessarily occurred in a one week period. All newly recorded incidents, whatever the incident date, are reviewed by the Chief Inspector and senior staff each week and summarised in this report. For more comprehensive statistical data refer to our Annual Performance Measures Reports.
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