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16 July 2018
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Safety alert

Near miss between light vehicle and haul truck

The hazards of complex intersection design in open cut mines were highlighted when a light vehicle operator had to take evasive action to prevent a collision with a haul truck at a site on 28 June 2018.

The light vehicle was stationary and waiting to proceed through an intersection. The driver of an approaching haul truck incorrectly identified the roadway he intended to travel and turned into the roadway where the light vehicle had stopped. When reviewing the wheel marks, the vehicles would have made heavy contact.

The light vehicle driver expected the haul truck to pass. The light vehicle driver radioed ‘stop’ several times and reversed. The haul truck driver heard the calls for ‘stop’ and then saw that the light vehicle was in front of him.

Pit operations had been stopping intermittently during the morning as fog was reported to be rolling in and out. Road conditions were also wet and visibility was reported to be between 50 and 100 metres. The incident occurred on the haul truck’s third load for the shift. 

An east/west haul road intersects three other haul roads, all in a north/south orientation. All three roads were segregated, resulting in six individual roads. Refer to figure 2 below.

To read about the investigation and recommendations by the regulator, go to our website or download the full report below.
Click here to view the full Safety Alert

Mine safety information session


On the 25 and 26 July, following the 9th National Opal Symposium at Lightning Ridge, the NSW Resources Regulator will be conducting two mine safety information sessions.

In addition to focusing on general safety issues for both underground and surface mines, the sessions will provide information and guidance on reducing risk through improved shaft and hoist operation. The sessions will also provide explanations regarding the function of the Resources Regulator and the Department of Planning and Environment.

The general safety issues covered in the information sessions include:
Underground Surface
  • Large unsupported areas
  • Wide drives
  • Secure ladders
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Unsupported shafts
  • Mobile plant
  • General maintenance and guarding
  • Unsecured shafts
  • Fall for heights

Information session dates and times:
10am - midday
The Hungry Spirit
574 Wooloroo Road
Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
10am - midday
The Club in the Scrub
Grawin Opal Field NSW 2832
Further information:

For further details please download the mine safety information session poster using the link below or contact:
Rachael Turner
T 02 6820 5209 / 0447 800 337
Click here to download the mine safety information session poster

Executive Director / Chief Inspector Mine Safety position advertised

The Executive Director/Chief Inspector leads the technical response for the mine safety compliance and enforcement activities of the Resources Regulator. The role is required to work closely with the Chief Compliance Officer when taking the lead to improve health and safety performance at mine sites and associated facilities. 
This role drives the technical response when required in respect to investigation of incidents, consultation, risk identification, site assessments and enforcement interventions.

Further information
To fully understand the scope of the role please read the information available on the I Work for NSW website link below.
I Work for NSW: Executive Director / Chief Inspector Mine Safety
Further contact info:
Resources Regulator | Phone: 1300 814 609

Regional NSW, Resources Regulator
516 High St
Maitland, New South Wales 2320

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