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Weekly incident summary - week ending 24 February 2022
42 reportable incidents, 3 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041673

Underground coal
Roads and other vehicle operating areas

Summary: A development panel was experiencing wet and muddy conditions. A vacuum pump was being used between shuttle car loads to remove slurry. After a shuttle car unloaded, the operator stopped and had a brief conversation with the pump operator. 
The shuttle car operator returned to the shuttle car and the vacuum pump operator returned to the vacuum pump hose, with their back to the shuttle car. The shuttle car operator drove the shuttle car forward into the intersection, knocking the vacuum pump operator to the ground. The vacuum pump operator was not injured.
Comments to industry: The hazard of interaction between workers on foot and mobile plant is well known. It is imperative that mine operators have controls in place to protect workers undertaking tasks in close proximity to mobile plant. Effective controls such as segregation of tasks, hard barriers and positive communication should be considered in risk assessments and implemented prior to a task commencing.  

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041666

Metals processing
Summary:  A dredge wheel excavator arm was being loaded onto a low loader. As the rear of the low loader took weight, the front of the trailer and the rear wheels of the truck started to lift off the ground. The truck and trailer then started to skid forward. A supervisor got into the truck and applied the trailer brakes. The truck and trailer moved about 3 metres.
Comments to industry: When planning loading and unloading activities, the object size, weight, centre of gravity and weight movement during the task should be considered in the risk assessment and effective controls implemented. Truck drivers should ensure their truck and trailer are correctly set up and parked for loading and unloading activities.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041650

Construction materials
Roads or other vehicle operating areas
Summary: Two loaders were operating in a stockpile area when they collided. The first loader was picking up a load when a second loader operator communicated that he was travelling behind the first loader, however the first loader reversed and made contact with the bucket of the second loader passing behind.
Comments to industry: Effective positive communication procedures should be in place to ensure safe separation of mobile equipment working in close proximity. Supervisors should monitor compliance with positive communication procedures. Systems such as collision detection and avoidance systems, visual aids and segregation should be implemented before relying on procedural controls.

Refer to:
Safety Bulletin SB18-06 Lack of positive communications
ISR22-08 | Go to the website


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*While the majority of incidents are reported and recorded within a week of the event, some are notified outside this time period. The incidents in this report therefore have not necessarily occurred in a one week period. All newly recorded incidents, whatever the incident date, are reviewed by the Chief Inspector and senior staff each week and summarised in this report. For more comprehensive statistical data refer to our Safety Performance Measures Reports and our Business Activity Reports.
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