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Week ending 18 January 2019
High level summary of emerging trends and our recommendations to operators.

Reportable incidents total: 34
Summarised incidents: 5

This incident summary provides information on reportable incidents and safety advice for the NSW mining industry.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0033646

SummaryA load haul dump vehicle was descending a decline in an underground metalliferous mine when its bucket hit a wall.  The door opened, activating the door interlock, which applied the park brake. The operator was ejected from the cab.

Recommendations to industry: 
Seat belts and door interlocks must be treated as safety- critical items on mobile plant.  Where defects are identified, the plant must not be operated. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 Section 28 details workers’ requirements while at work. This includes complying and co-operating with directions and procedures given, as well as the wearing of seat belts and personal protection equipment.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0033643

SummaryA fire occurred on a haul truck at an open cut coal mine. A brake hose failed and sprayed oil into the engine bay, which ignited. The operator saw flames through the passenger side window. The operator stopped the truck, activated the fire suppression system and left the vehicle safely.
Recommendations to industry: When conducting audits and assessing fuel sources, ensure hydraulic hoses outside the engine bay, as well as other ignition sources, are assessed and maintained to the same standards as those within the engine bay.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0033627

SummaryA worker suffered an electric shock while cleaning behind computer monitors with a damp cloth. The incident was only reported to a supervisor five days later.
Recommendations to industry: All personnel on site must be trained to immediately report incidents.  WHS Act 2011 Section 28 (b) requires workers to take reasonable care not to affect the safety of other workers. This requires all workers to report hazards and incidents.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0033599

SummaryA fire occurred on a charge-up machine in an underground metalliferous mine. The machine was parked at the bottom of the decline when a solenoid caught fire. The fire was extinguished with a hand-held fire extinguisher. This is the second fire on this machine within two weeks.
Recommendations to industry: When conducting investigations into incidents, all potential root causes should be identified and addressed, not only those deemed most likely.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0033598

SummaryA collision occurred between a dump truck and dozer at a dump in an open cut coal mine. The truck driver stated the dozer driver gave him permission to reverse to the tip behind the dozer. The dozer driver stated he thought the truck was dumping further away and that he should have waited for the truck to pass behind the dozer. The dozer driver continued to reverse and made contact with the truck. No injuries were sustained.
Recommendations to industry: Supervisors need to regularly monitor compliance with mine site rules for vehicle interactions. The safety management system should detail the minimum requirements for supervisor inspection and monitoring of work areas and practices.
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These incidents are included for your review. The NSW Resources Regulator does not endorse the findings or recommendations of these incidents. It is your legal duty to exercise due diligence to ensure the business complies with its work health and safety obligations.
 Issue / Topic

 International (fatal)
 MSHA  Coal mine fatality
 On 20 December 2018, a mobile bridge carrier   operator, with five years and 21 weeksof mining   experience, was killed   while operating his   detached, remote-controlled machine   during the   mining process. As the continuous haulage   system pulled forward in preparation of mining, he   was crushed between the coal rib and the No. 2   mobile bridge conveyor that was between both   mobile bridge carriers.
 MSHA  Coal mine fatality
 On 29 November 2018, a mechanic with 29 years   of mining  experience was severely injured when   hydraulic pressure   propelled a piece of metal out   of a hydraulic fitting that he was examining. The   metal penetrated his head. The miner died on 30   December 2018 from his injuries.
 MSHA  Coal mine fatality
 On 7 September 2018, a 60-year-old haul truck   operator with one year of total mining experience   suffered burn injuries while attempting to escape   from the cab of the burning haul truck he was   operating. Due to complications associated with   his injuries, the operator died five days later. 
 MSHA  Coal mine fatality
 On 29 December 2018, a 25-year-old dredge   operator, with 21 weeks of experience, was fatally   injured at a coal mine.The victim drowned when   the dredge he was operating sank.
 National (fatal)
 Media release
 NSW   government
 Workers warned of confined space killers
 In May, a 28-year-old man and a 35-year-old man   died in an incident at a paper mill at Ettamogah.   Initial inquiries indicate  the men were working in   the basement area of the mill when they were   overcome by hydrogen sulphide gas and   collapsed.
 In August, a 58-year-old man died on a rural   property near Dyraaba with initial inquiries   indicating the man was repairing a damaged   water tank on the property when he was   overcome by fumes and was unable to be revived.
 National (other, non-fatal)
 WA Dept of   Mines  Sinkhole in open pit floor engulfs mine vehicles after   collapse of backfilled stope
 In October 2018, a working pit floor subsided into   a backfilled   stope, forming a 13 metre deep   sinkhole. The stope had   previously self-mined to   near surface and had been backfilled   in stages   since 2016. At the time of the incident, surface   drill and blast activities were occurring in the   vicinity. The subsidence event resulted in the loss   of an integrated tool carrier and an explosives   truck that were parked on the blast pattern.   Several charged blast holes were also engulfed in   the sinkhole.
 The vehicles were unoccupied at the time of   collapse, however four people were working   nearby.

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