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Weekly incident summary - week ending 11 February 2022
54 reportable incidents, 3 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041565

Open cut coal
Fire or explosion
Summary: A fire occurred on a mobile manufacturing unit (MMU) truck after it returned empty from the pit. The operator was checking the machine and observed a flame coming from above a cover over exhaust components behind the rear of the cab. Flames were visible about 10 cm high at the top of the cover. He extinguished the flame with a hand-held extinguisher. A preliminary investigation indicated that small amounts of explosive emulsion dripped off the delivery hose and accumulated on top of the cover.
The build-up contaminated the insulation behind the cover and on top of the unshielded exhaust components. The heat from the exhaust components ignited the hydrocarbons in the explosive product, resulting in a small fire.
Comments to industry: Owners of mobile manufacturing units should assess potential ignition points that make contact with raw or finished product. Areas where spillage may accumulate should have engineering controls in place to minimise the risk of fire. MMU operators should regularly inspect for spillage and should be trained to manage any spillage of emulsion.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041570

Open cut coal

Summary: While removing the transmission from a dozer, two bolts attaching the lifting device to the transmission failed, allowing the transmission to fall onto the ripper frame of the dozer. Nobody was injured. A preliminary investigation suggested incorrect-sized bolts were used to connect the lifting rig to the transmission.
Comments to industry: When procedures are developed for lifting tasks, relevant details, such as bolt sizes, should be included to allow workers to safely conduct lifting tasks.

Dangerous incident | IncNot004159412

Underground coal
Roads or other vehicle operating areas

Summary: A light vehicle with two passengers on board drove up onto a windrow at the top of a tailings dam, tipping the vehicle onto the passenger’s side. Both occupants exited through the driver’s side door and were uninjured. The windrow was constructed of light material and was quite narrow.
Comments to industry: Mine operators should ensure that bunds are designed, constructed and maintained to a standard that is suitable to protect workers from harm. Principal hazard management plans for roads or other vehicle operating areas should consider factors that may affect operator visibility such as sunlight, fog, or dust. Vehicle operators must maintain situational awareness and remain focused on the task to manage risks while driving.

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International (other, non-fatal)

Worksafe NZ

A CAT 789 dump truck was to be serviced by a mechanic in a truck-parking area during a lunch break. The mechanic arrived and parked their light vehicle about 3 m in front and slightly off to the left-hand side of the truck. The driver of the adjacent truck was having a break in the cab. The truck driver finished their break, started the truck, and drove forward and to the right out of the parking area. As the truck operator drove from the park the front wheel of the truck just missed the rear of the light vehicle. However, the back wheel ran over the back of the tray. The truck operator drove off unaware of the collision.
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