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NSW Resources Regulator, Mine Safety News - All the latest news in mine health and safety in NSW
Safety Alert: 

Potentially dangerous mechanical components on opal mine materials handling hoists

On 4 November 2016, a heavy steel material handling hoist bucket fell down an opal mine shaft, hitting a worker at the bottom of the shaft. The worker suffered fatal injuries.

The investigation has identified a potential safety issue with the hydraulic system, in particular the single acting counter balance valve. This issue may extend to other Agfab Super Hoists as well as other hoists with a similar design.

The present design of the hoist’s hydraulic system, with only a single acting counter balance valve, creates a hazard to operators in the event of a winch cable over-spool scenario.
Download the full alert here
Safety Bulletin:

Mines and preparing for fires

Fire events, within the vicinity of mines and petroleum sites may present risks to health and safety.

In the past few months, the Resources Regulator has noted an increase in the reporting of fires on mobile and fixed plant on mine sites that had the potential to cause major damage, destroy machinery or harm a person. Fire and explosion events may disrupt mining operations. 

Mine operators must also be aware of other regulatory reporting requirements that may be required arising from a fire or explosion event.
Download the full bulletin here

Working in heat: Stay safe this summer

Safe Work Australia has published a new guide for managing the risks of working in heat. The guide provides information on how to manage the risks associated with working in heat and what to do if a worker begins to suffer from a heat-related illness. 

With heatwave conditions forecast across the State in the coming weeks, this is a timely reminder to review your workplace to ensure that you and your workers stay safe.

People in control of the workplace, such as managers, supervisors and workers, all have duties under work health and safety laws to manage risks to worker health and safety, such as those associated with working in heat.
Visit Safe Work Australia for further information

Regulator publishes guideline for hydraulic safety

Safety procedures for the maintenance and operation of heavy equipment begin with the understanding that anyone who works with hydraulic machinery must be aware of the potential hazards involved.

The Resources Regulator has updated and republished MDG 3007 Hydraulic safety on the website.

The simplicity of control of many hydraulic systems can cause operators to forget the hazards and potential dangers that result from the enormous power and mechanical forces associated with the equipment.

One fraction of a second of carelessness or a simple oversight, could result in serious injury and possibly death.
Download MDG 3007 here
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