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Weekly incident summary - week ending 15 April 2022
36 reportable incidents, 5 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041984

Open cut coal mine
Roads and other vehicle operating areas
Summary: A dozer was pushing material in the north-west corner of the dump. A haul truck arrived and started to reverse into the north-east corner of the dump. The dozer operator started reversing across the dump to allow the truck to unload in the north-west corner. The truck and dozer collided. There was no communication between the truck and dozer.
Comments to industry: Mine operators must have robust systems in place for supervisors to verify that identified controls such as positive communication are implemented, used correctly and are appropriate. Workers have a legislative responsibility to follow procedures such as positive communications.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041985

Underground coal mine
Summary: A roof bolting rig was being removed from a continuous miner. The rig was supported by a chain block attached to a roof bolt. When the last bolt was removed the rig swung, pinning a worker to the rib protection. The bolting rig was pushed off the worker, who then walked to the crib room. The worker was driven out of the mine and transferred to hospital. The worker suffered 2 broken ribs and a lacerated lung.
Comments to industry: During tasks involving lifting, workers must assess the potential for the load to shift as it is moved. When the potential for load-shifting exists, controls such as no-go zones must be defined and communicated to all workers involved in the task.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041991

Open cut coal mine
Roads and other vehicle operating areas
Summary: A dozer was cleaning up material on the dig bench and repairing the floor. A dump truck arrived on the dig bench and parked on the low-wall side, waiting to be called to load. The dozer finished cleaning up and reversed 40m to the low-wall side where the dump truck was parked. The dozer hit the off-side of the dump truck, damaging the fuel tank.
Comments to industry: Vehicle collisions on mine sites continue to be a source of concern. As technology evolves and develops, mine operators should routinely review proximity detection and collision avoidance systems to determine if they are suitable for their operation. Workers should use all aids such as mirrors, cameras and awareness systems that are fitted when operating plant, particularly when reversing.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0042002

Open cut coal mine
Ground or strata failure
Summary: A dozer was working on a clean coal stockpile when there was a slumping of coal into the valve. The dozer sunk about 2m but remained level. The operator remained in the dozer while 2 other dozers cleared coal so the dozer could walk out of the slump.
Comments to industry: Workers must be trained to operate dozers on reclaim stockpiles. This training must include identifying and responding to alarms and managing the hazards associated with draw down valves. Additionally, workers must be familiar with different coal properties and how this impacts material behaviour on stockpiles.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0042016

Open cut coal mine
Roads and other vehicle operating areas
Summary: A light vehicle was travelling along a haul road. The operator was distracted by an open lid on a toolbox and has driven up a windrow and rolled onto the roof. The driver exited the cab of the vehicle with no injuries.
Comments to industry: Workers must always remain focused on controlling their vehicle. If a situation develops that requires their attention, such as an open toolbox, operators should safely stop the vehicle before addressing the issue.

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National (other, non-fatal)

NZ MinEx
Plant on plant interaction
A 36t excavator was working adjacent to a haul road. When the water cart drove past, the excavator operator has swung on the blind side and the bucket of the excavator hit the cab of the water cart, displacing the roof of the vehicle cabin and damaging the windscreen.
ISR22-15 | Go to the website


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