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Weekly incident summary - week ending 28 October 2022
36 reportable incidents, 3 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0043302

Underground coal mine
Summary: Two longwall roof supports rotated and were canopy tip down. To correct this, workers were drilling and shooting stone above the roof supports. Two workers were using a hand-held air drill, one behind the drill operating it and a second next to the drill holding it. The second worker saw a small rock fall into the work area and the other worker reached across the drill to deflect it. As he reached, his jumper became caught in the rotating steel. The worker suffered severe friction burns to his right forearm. The crew had to cut the jumper away to release the worker. 
Comments to industry: Workers must remain situationally aware when operating any type of equipment or plant. Training in how to operate hand-held drilling equipment should include the hazards of rotating drill steels and interaction with clothing and long hair. Drill operators should keep both hands on the operating drill at all times and ensure they remain clear of rotating components such as drill steels and chucks.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0043318

Open cut coal mine
Ground or strata failure
Summary: A slump occurred at a tailings dam while a dozer was preparing the area for a remote dozer push. The preparation works included establishing a tip head at the dozer sighter peg line and filling in the void area prior to the sighter pegs. 
Comments to industry: Mine operators must have safe systems of work in place to inspect highwalls, low walls and dumps. These inspections must consider weathering effects, ground water and conditions that affect the stability. The adequacy of control measures, including survey controls, should be verified. Operators working in the vicinity of geotechnical hazards should be trained and deemed competent to do so.
Refer to: Safety Bulletin SB20-01 Failure of highwalls, low walls and dumps

Dangerous incident | IncNot0043322

Construction materials
Ground or strata failure
Summary: An articulated dump truck was driving along a newly constructed roadway when the roadway has failed. The truck cabin tipped approximately 45 degrees before coming to a stop. The worker was not injured.
Comments to industry: Mine supervisors should conduct frequent physical inspections of mine roadways to identify potential hazards that may pose a risk to plant operators. This is especially important during significant rainfall when the potential for slumping to occur increases. Roadway standards must be documented and include factors such as using competent material, compaction requirements and windrow specifications.

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