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29 June 2018
In this issue: Reminders

Fees applicable to new registration and licence applications from 1 July 2018

We are making a firm commitment to improving our approach to processing authorisations, and in 2018 we have begun implementing a range of changes to our internal processes for registrations and licensing. The changes we are making will:  
  • enable us to process applications for registrations or licences in a more timely manner
  • streamline the application process through a new online application system
  • create a more efficient and cost-effective model for reviewing applications.
The transition period for the new registration and licensing scheme changes has been in effect since March 2018 and as of 1 July 2018 applicants are required to pay fees for the registration or licensing service provided by the NSW Resources Regulator. The fee model is an equitable model, which apportions the cost of delivering the service to those who use them.

The table below outlines the fees applicable to all new registration and licence applications received from 1 July 2018.



Plant design $278 per design
Plant item $70 initial item
$2 for each additional for same owner at same address
Licence $1700 (for repairing flexible reeling, feeder or trailing cables) $900 (all other licences)
Replacement document $33.50
Asbestos removal licence $5519 (class A)
$1001.50 (class B)
Asbestos assessor licence $538.50
Assessor of high-risk work $1656.50 (initial)
$1104 (renewal)

For more information please use the link below to contact NSW Resources Regulator Central Assessment Unit.
Contact the NSW Resources Regulator Central Assessment Unit

Resources Regulator seeks tenders

Review of Certificate of Competence examination processes

The Resources Regulator is seeking tenders from suitable suppliers who can review the NSW Certificate of Competence examination processes to best deliver on its objectives of:
  • effective and efficient processes to meet the NSW WHS legislation authorisation requirements; and
  • reflect best practice domestically and internationally for assessing individuals for their competence to carry out a regulated activity in a workplace under Work Health and Safety (WHS) and related legislation
Outcomes of the review of examination processes will be considered by the Regulator in consultation with the NSW Mining and Petroleum Competence Board and stakeholders.

To view the full details of the tender please visit the NSW Government eTender website using the link below:
Review of Certificate of Competence examination processes tender


Coal Services Order 43 due to take effect from 1 July 2018

Coal Services Order 43 is made under section 13 of the Coal Industry Act 2001. The Order is in relation to health monitoring requirements for coal mine workers in NSW and has been approved by the Minister for Resources to replace Order 41 on 1 July 2018.  Order 43 was published in the NSW Government Gazette on 4 May 2018.

Further information
For updates and further information visit the Coal Services website using the button provided below. Also available for download below is Order 43 (pages 2776-2781), published in the NSW Government Gazette on 4 May 2018.
Order 43 - Further information and updates from Coal Services
Download Gazette No.48 Order 43 (Pages 2776-2781) [PDF, 201 KB]

Recent amendments to the Coal Industry Act 2001

The Coal Industry Amendment Bill 2018 was passed in the NSW Parliament on 16 May 2018 to amend the Coal Industry Act 2001. This change is intended to restore the original intention of the Act to ensure that all coal industry workers are required to be insured under the Coal Mines Insurance scheme.

Section 31 of the Act requires employers in the coal industry to obtain workers compensation insurance from an approved workers compensation company for their employees in that industry. Currently, the approved workers compensation company under the Act is Coal Mines Insurance.

The Act now includes a definition of employer in the coal industry to make it clear that any employer whose employees work in or about a coal mine is required to be insured with an approved workers compensation company with respect to those employees and their employment in or about a coal mine.

Any employer of employees who work in or about a coal mine will be required by legislation to obtain workers compensation from Coal Mines Insurance commencing 1 July 2018. For information on obtaining a policy with Coal Mines Insurance please contact Insurance Services team email or 02 8270 3257.

Further information
If you require any further information about the legislative changes please email
NSW Government,
Further contact info:
Resources Regulator | Phone: 1300 814 609

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