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Weekly incident summary - week ending 18 February 2022
39 reportable incidents, 4 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041643

Roads and other vehicle operating areas

Summary: A worker parked on the offside of a wheel loader and had a brief conversation with the loader operator. The worker then walked towards a mill. The loader operator then reversed the loader, hitting the driver’s side door of the worker’s ute. The worker was not near the vehicle when the collision occurred.
Comments to industry: Past incidents similar to this have resulted in fatalities. Effective separation of light vehicle parking areas and pedestrians from mobile equipment operations should be a fundamental consideration when risk assessing operations and implementing controls. Workers must be adequately trained in the controls identified and compliance audited.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041631

Underground coal
Rods or other vehicle operating areas
Summary: A 25 tonne Franna crane was tasked to move a 7 tonne belt reeler. When the load was lifted, the crane rolled onto its side. The crane was in an articulated position at the time of the incident. The operator was able to exit the crane uninjured.
Comments to industry: When planning for safe lifting activities, factors that must be considered include the:
  • cross grade
  • travel path
  • crane configuration including articulation of Franna cranes
  • ground conditions
  • load movement
  • weather conditions
  • interaction with other plant and mobile equipment

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041605

Open cut coal
Summary: A dozer was working on a stockpile during train loading operations when the active valve ceased feeding. Train loading was then completed on an alternate valve.  
The dozer operator then attempted to clear the original valve when a void opened underneath the dozer. The dozer did not fall into the void because the blade and ripper were still on solid coal. The dozer driver got out safely. 
Comments to industry: The hazard of concealed voids exists on stockpiles and must be included in risk assessments, training and procedures for operators. Operators must be trained to identify when the risk of concealed voids is present and the procedure required to control the hazard.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0041628

Underground coal
Summary: While driving out of a mine following a load haul dump (LHD), a personnel transport driver lost control and hit the rib on the driver's side. The windscreen and pillar were damaged. There were no injuries.
Comments to industry: Drivers must maintain focus on the task at hand. If a driver’s visibility is affected, the driver should slow down and find a safe place to stop and address the issue rather than risk causing an incident by continuing to drive with obstructed vision.

Other publications of interest

These incidents are included for your review. The NSW Resources Regulator does not endorse the findings or recommendations of these incidents. It is your legal duty to exercise due diligence to ensure the business complies with its work health and safety obligations.
International (fatal)

Fatality alert

On 7 January, 2022, a 49-year-old front end loader operator with 15 years of mining experience died when a large rock fell from the mine roof, crushing the cab of the front-end loader. When the accident occurred, the operator was loading material from a recently blasted shot. Best practices include to scale the back and ribs before performing work in the area and to conduct examinations of the back, face and ribs where miners work and travel.

Fatality alert

On 13 December, 2021, a miner was fatally injured when he became entangled in the drill steel of the roof bolting machine he was operating. This was the 36th fatality reported in 2021, and the seventh classified as ‘machinery’. Best practices include turning off engine before performing maintenance and repair work on roof bolting machines or other equipment, and to securely block equipment against hazardous motion by following manufacturer's recommendations.
International (other, non-fatal)

NZ MinEx
Uncontrolled movement of dozer

A mechanic was returning a dozer to a workshop along a sloping haul road. While shifting from reverse to first gear, the first gear would not engage, and the dozer started rolling backwards. As the dozer gathered backward momentum, the mechanic jumped from the cabin to the ground approximately 10 metres from the top of the slope. The dozer continued to travel approximately another 140 metres before stopping on the roadway below. The mechanic sustained no injuries while exiting the cabin and the dozer had minor damage to a window.
National (other, non-fatal)

Resources Health and Safety Queensland
Safe use of portable generators

Incorrect use of portable generators caused by unsafe installation and operating practices have caused several high potential incidents in Queensland mines and quarries recently. These have included exploding batteries, fires, and electric shocks. High starting currents in batteries have caused explosions. Electrical faults and leaking fuel or engine oil contacting hot exhaust components have caused fires. Damaged and burnt extension leads and fittings have caused electric shocks. Additional safety measures are required to reduce the risk of simultaneous earth faults on isolated winding generators in heavy industrial and mining environments. Damage to electrical equipment and tools is likely to occur in these work environments.

NT WorkSafe
Power tool battery fires

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to temperature and flammable.They are a serious safety risk to health and safety if used, transported, or stored incorrectly. Businesses using lithium-ion powered devices are urged to make sure their workers are provided with information, training, and instruction to minimise the risk of flash burns, explosion, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. Businesses and workers who use any equipment fitted with lithium-ion batteries should consider control measures to prevent a similar incident from occurring.
ISR22-07 | Go to the website


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