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Resources Regulator seeks tenders

Identifying competence for WHS (mines and petroleum sites) statutory functions

The Resources Regulator is seeking tenders from suitable suppliers who can develop a framework and identify competence from descriptions of statutory functions requiring practising certificates.

The identifying competence project is part of the Strategic Plan of the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board to advise the Resources Regulator in relation to reviewing the standards for certificates of competence examinations. Competencies will be identified from the descriptions of statutory functions developed in consultation with industry and the board.
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Learning from mining disasters training package

The Resources Regulator has undertaken to provide a formal face to face training package on mining disasters, as part of the maintenance of competence scheme.

The Regulator is seeking tenders from suitable suppliers to develop a learning from mining disasters training package for workers in the NSW mining and extractives industries. Approved organisations will deliver modules of the training package to holders of practising certificates during the 5 year period of their practising certificate.

The training package is to be developed so it will be available before the end of 2018.
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Statutory function position descriptions updated

The Resources Regulator has updated and published 12 statutory functions as part of an ongoing review and maintenance of standards for competence certificate examinations. The statutory functions published include:

Underground coal mines
  • Mining engineering manager
  • Electrical engineering manager
  • Mechanical engineering manager
  • Undermanager
  • Deputy
  • Ventilation officer

Coal mines other than underground mines

  • Mining engineering manager
  • Open cut examiner
  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechanical engineer

Underground mines other than coal mines

  • Underground mine supervisor

Mines other than underground mines or coal mines

  • Quarry manager
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Resources added to emergency team web page

The Emergency Management and Operational Support Team plays a pivotal role in liaising between private and public sectors to achieve an all-hazards, all-agencies approach across the stages of emergency – prevention, preparation, response and recovery.

The team has updated it's web page with online resources and information to assist mines in consulting with emergency services regarding their emergency plans.

The resources published are:
  • Emergency management and operational support team fact sheet
  • Mine emergency planning consultation fact sheet
  • Mine emergency plan summary
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Contacting the NSW Resources Regulator

The Resources Regulator has updated its email addresses.

The email address should be used to submit the following applications: 
  • licences
  • general notifications (other than safety incidents)
  • plant registrations
  • high risk activity licences
  • exemptions.
The email address should be used to submit the following applications:  
  • certificates of competence
  • practising certificates.
In relation to requests for mine survey plans, direct your inquiries or submit the form to

All other general mine safety inquiries should be sent to

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