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Weekly incident summary - week ending 5 August 2022
26 reportable incidents, 2 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0042740

Underground metals mine
Summary: An inrush of water hit 2 workers who were at the base of a feed bin at an underground loading station. They both suffered bruises and abrasions. The workers were around scaffolding at the base of the bin during a shutdown maintenance period.
The bin was empty of ore material at the time. Boards supported by acrow props were placed to prevent small pieces of ore from the bin falling onto the workers. The boards resulted in a volume of water accumulating in the bin and when the water was released, it hit the workers with force and pushed them onto the scaffolding. 
Comments to industry: During shutdowns, risk assessments must consider water and material accumulation and material flow as a hazard when working on, in and around bins, chutes and conveyors. When developing the control measures to manage the risks of inundation or inrush of any substance, mine operators must consider the: 
  • failure or blocking of the flow channels
  • potential for the accumulation of water or materials that could liquefy or flow into other workings or locations
  • potential for control systems to introduce unexpected sources of material, such as valves opening automatically.
Refer to CHPP Sump water inrush a video provided by a NSW mine to share learnings.

High potential incident | IncNot0042679

Underground coal mine
Airborne dust and other contaminants
Summary: Several workers exceeded the occupational exposure limit for respirable quartz while working on a longwall cutting coal. The exceedances were low level. The shearer was cutting varying amounts of stone across the face. A stone band and fault were also present on the face. During the shift, all workers were observed wearing respiratory protection and sprays were operational.
Comments to industry: When cutting increased amounts of stone on a longwall, additional controls must be put in place to protect workers from exposure to dust. The position of workers away from dust sources should be a high priority. Task rotation between workers should also be considered. Controls such as sprays must be regularly maintained, and additional sprays should be considered. The frequency of maintenance of risk control measures should be increased during periods when additional dust may be generated.

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