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Weekly incident summary - week ending 14 October 2022
42 reportable incidents, 2 summarised below

Dangerous incident | IncNot0043194

Open cut coal
Summary: A truck operator reversed a dump truck into a dozer on a dump. The dozer was parked in the correct position next to the windrow waiting for the truck to dump. As the dump truck was reversed, the operator lost sight of the dozer and continued to reverse. The pos 6 wheel contacted the dozer’s ripper box.
Comments to industry: Operators must stop and reassess if they lose vision of other plant and equipment while reversing. They must not proceed placing other workers at risk.

Dangerous incident | IncNot0043194

Open cut coal
Summary: A worker received an electric shock while working in a confined space. The worker was standing over a sizer at the time of the shock. The worker was wearing gloves and was holding a fibre sling. The sling was attached to the hook of a small trolley-crane mounted on an overhead I-beam. A witness observed a blue spark from the crane moments after the shock occurred. 
Comments to industry: Cables that form part of a spring-loaded cable reeler arrangement must have adequate support to prevent any tension being applied to the glands/termination connections. Mines should ensure that their maintenance strategies cover all cables and components for any signs of tension or wear.

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These incidents are included for your review. The NSW Resources Regulator does not endorse the findings or recommendations of these incidents. It is your legal duty to exercise due diligence to ensure the business complies with its work health and safety obligations.

International (other, non-fatal)
NZ Minex

Three workers were changing a screen mesh inside a mobile screen. Worker A was inside the screen box supporting the bottom end of the screen whilst worker B was at the opposite end prying the screen out of the seat rail the mesh sits in. As worker B pried the screen forward out of the seat, the end worker A was supporting slipped off the screen tube causing him to fall forward and knock his head, which resulted in him breaking his nose on the steel cross bar in the screen.

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National (other, non-fatal)
Resources Safety & Health Queensland
Routine testing of a 24mm roof bolt nut at an underground coal mine found a crack running through the face of the nut. Additional testing identified that the same issue had affected a small number of other roof bolt nuts, prompting the mine to replace current stocks of the items. Roof bolt nuts are used to support roof materials in underground coal mines. Faults in roof bolt nuts could potentially compromise the integrity of roof support commonly used in underground mine roadways. Site Senior Executives should review their testing regime to ensure that a good sample size of items have been tested and conduct additional testing if defective items have been identified.
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Resources Safety & Health Queensland
Lightning conditions during storms create hazards that need to be managed by operators to ensure that risk to workers remains at an acceptable level. RSHQ's resources safety acts require that risk from operations must remain at an acceptable level at all times and that steps should be taken to eliminate hazards where it is reasonable to do so. The safest way to eliminate hazards related to lightning conditions is to cease activities when lightning is detected within close proximity to a work site. RSHQ recently commissioned an expert review to consider the hazards arising from conducting operation during lightning activity and their relative risk to the safety of resources workers. The report identified 10 hazards relating to the use of vehicles during lightning conditions. Each hazard has been assessed to establish the qualitative change in risk from the standard situation where work ceases, and workers remain in a safe shelter until the lightning activity has passed.
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*While the majority of incidents are reported and recorded within a week of the event, some are notified outside this time period. The incidents in this report therefore have not necessarily occurred in a one week period. All newly recorded incidents, whatever the incident date, are reviewed by the Chief Inspector and senior staff each week and summarised in this report. For more comprehensive statistical data refer to our Safety Performance Measures Reports and our Business Activity Reports.
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