Trouble at Haringey Civic Centre
Haringey Civic Centre
265 High Rd
London N22 8ZW 

Next Thursday, 18 October, at 7pm, we'll be taking a deputation to Haringey's Regulatory Committee, in the Haringey Civic Centre. The fireworks could start a little early this autumn...

Please support us from the gallery if you can. Numbers will matter. We should be heard soon after the meeting starts, so it won't take long.

You'll remember the North London Waste Plan (NLWP); the planning document drafted by the 7 councils of the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to ensure enough land for their waste.

After nothing for 3 years, a new draft is going to these Councils for approval before going out to consultation in early 2019. In Haringey, if it gets past Thursday's committee, it'll go before the Cabinet and ultimately the full Council.

The draft mentions a 'reduced number of sites'. But - do I need to finish the sentence? - Pinkham Way is still in there, misleadingly renamed an 'area'. Haringey's attempts to justify its inclusion are pathetic, not supported by evidence and should fool no one.

Which is why our deputation refers to 'Wednesbury unreasonableness' - from a legal case that sets the standard for unreasonableness of public-body decisions that would make them liable to be quashed on judicial review.

You can read the full deposition here.

Best wishes,


Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance
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