Not a cause for celebration as such, but... it’s 10 years, nearly to the day, since the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) revealed its waste plans for Pinkham Way – a huge processing plant.

You may well have been there, at Hollickwood Primary School. A few days later, the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) was born and, a decade on, here we are.

It’s been a remarkable campaign, and we’re so grateful and proud of you for having stuck with it this long. Thank you.


In 2011, the NLWA was asked what its Plan B was. ‘We don’t need one’, came the arrogant reply. Within 18 months, it discovered that it didn’t require the proposed plant. Shortly after that, it abandoned its expensive and oversized ‘flagship’ procurement. Since then the site has been an embarrassing, expensive mistake for the Authority.

Influenced by 10 years of unending NLWA pressure, Haringey Council has attempted, unsuccessfully, to deliver the site for waste use. No one has offered sound evidence that the site is either needed or suitable for waste.

This pressure has contaminated both Haringey’s Local Plan and the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) – now, incredibly, in its 14th year of draft.


Meanwhile, the NLWA presents itself as ‘… leading North London through the Climate Crisis’; its member boroughs all highlight the link between the climate and biodiversity loss.

The Authority itself has a series of ‘Strategic Environmental Objectives’. The first is to protect and enhance nature conservation, especially priority habitats and species
However, it continues to neglect its self-proclaimed - and statutory - duty to manage Pinkham Way as the valuable conservation site that it is, trusting, presumably, that it may reap the tawdry dividend of devaluing the site’s ecology: making it easier to develop.


A quick recap and update. You’ll remember that the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) recently consulted on the ‘Main Modifications’ required if it were to have any hope of being sound.

This modified plan was, in fact, an incoherent mess, caused in no small part by increasingly tortuous justifications for the inclusion of Pinkham Way.

Latest news on this: the North London Councils have asked the Inspector for yet more time, to modify their modifications…

Meantime, Haringey is working on its new Local Plan. The first formal consultation will be later this year.

So, 10 years on, watch this space... And thank you, once again, for your wonderful support. 

Best wishes,

Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance

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