Council vote goes as predicted
On 31 January, Haringey Full Council elected to keep Pinkham Way in the draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP).

Council leadership had taken the precaution of whipping its members to vote this way, so there was little chance of any other outcome.

It’s important to point out that the decision was simply to send the plan forward for public consultation. No date has been set for this yet, but we’ll let you as soon as we have one.

We continue to believe that the planning decision to keep Pinkham Way in the plan is irrational, and the way that Haringey reached it deeply flawed.

It offered no rationale for ignoring the recommendation from its own Regulatory Committee to remove the site from the NLWP. We can safely assume Council had expected the site's inclusion to be rubber-stamped, and for the committee to have made a recommendation based on examination of the evidence must have come as a bombshell.

For now, we’re considering our options.
Our agreement with Haringey and the Planning Inspectorate, made in 2011, was that the Council would accept Pinkham Way Alliance consultation submissions with supporting signatures from the community.

Each signature would be counted as an individual consultation response from that person. A list of this sort is very different from a petition.

Council planners continue to question whether the agreement even exists. Yet, at the same time, the Programme Manager for the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) has confirmed that for the upcoming waste plan consultation he would welcome a supporting list of signatures from the Pinkham Way Alliance.

He explained further that this is the approach encouraged by the Planning Inspectorate… and will be fully supported by the Inspector who publicly examines the NLWP. 

We’re writing to Haringey about the 2011 agreement now and will keep you updated.
Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance
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