I’m afraid this is urgent. Please read on now, because we've little more than 24 hours to act. It won’t take long. 

Haringey is ignoring your signature and aiming to stifle your voice. But we’ve prepared a quick email, below, that you can send to tell them you’re angry about it. 
We need to do this before 5.30pm tomorrow - Thursday, 10 January. 
They are knowingly and untruly describing our detailed submissions, supported by evidence and hundreds of your signatures, as ‘petitions’. Petitions carry no planning weight, so this fiction enables them to conceal from councillors the true scale of continuing public concern.

In 2011, we made an explicit agreement with Haringey Council and the Planning Inspectorate that your signatures would mean you be treated as individual consultees. The result of this is easy to find in the relevant documents:
"4.2 The submission by Pinkham Way Alliance was supported by 1,067 signatories."
(North London Waste Plan, 2011)
Haringey’s infantile action indicates that it has reneged on this long-standing agreement. Perhaps they think planners’ time would have been better spent logging and responding to hundreds of submissions sent to them individually?!

Whether or not you’ve ever signed your name in support of the PWA, please quickly cut and paste this email copy, sign your name at the bottom, and add the five email addresses (two ‘To’, and three 'CC'). 

We need to do this right away, before the end of the working day tomorrow, Thursday 10 January, because the next meeting of the Haringey Labour group is that evening. They'll be discussing the new North London Waste Plan (NLWP).


To Whom It May Concern, 
As a local supporter of the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA), I am dismayed and angered to learn that Haringey Council continues to ignore the voice of its residents. 
Several times since 2011, PWA supporters have added their names in support of Haringey consultation submissions made by the PWA. In good faith, our understanding has always been that every name signed would be treated by the Council as an individual consultation response. 
This had been agreed by Haringey Council and verified by the Government Planning Inspectorate. 
Why, now, are Haringey planners referring to the validated signatures in support of the PWA submission to the Reg 18 NLWP as a ‘petition’, when the NLWP itself clearly refers to a 'submission’?

I find this behaviour wholly anti-democratic and await the Council's explanation.

Yours faithfully,

I should add, just to be clear, that the PWA has also asked you to sign petitions, such as the one currently on 38 Degrees, but these are separate to the consultation submissions we're talking about here.

Best wishes,
Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance
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