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Consultation on the draft North London Waste Plan (NLWP) started on 1 March, with Pinkham Way still included.

This is the last-ditch - and back door - attempt to have the site recognised as suitable for future waste usage, by the North London councils via the waste plan.

We're preparing our submission to the NLWP, due by 12 April, with the public examination of the plan scheduled for September. Both these stages require professional help.

In other words: we need to raise money.

We've engaged the same first-rate planning consultancy that guided us to success at previous public examinations. Our estimated cost for this is £10,000.

After all these years of progress, it would unthinkable for us to fall short now.

If you're able, please donate here

We’ll be in touch again soon to ask you to sign your name in support of the consultation submission to get Pinkham Way removed from the North London Waste Plan.


According to the Mayor's London Plan, waste facilities must be built on 'Industrial' land.

In 2012, a Planning Inspector agreed with our objections and rejected Haringey's unevidenced attempt to redesignate Pinkham Way 'Industrial'.

Now Haringey has put forward three sites for the new North London Waste Plan: Pinkham Way, and two 'Industrial' sites.

It safeguarded the two 'Industrial' sites for waste in its 2017 Site Allocations, but made no similar move to safeguard Pinkham Way.

Did the Council realise a Planning Inspector would reject such a move for Pinkham Way; a rejection that would have effectively barred the site from the NLWP?

Unable to safeguard the site for waste, Haringey is now trying to make it suitable via a back door: by forcing it into the waste plan regardless.

The Council Regulatory Committee, acting according to its remit, advised that the site be removed. Not only did the Council ignore this, but resorted to whipping (AKA forcing) its members to vote the plan through with the site still included.

However irrational Haringey's decision was - and we'll be presenting evidence of Council inconsistency in our submission - it's the waste plan that must be the focus of our energy now.

If you're able, please donate here
Best wishes,

Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance
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