Announcing a partnership between the
Magnum Foundation and Mother Jones.
Mother Jones & Magnum Foundation Partner
to Showcase World-Class Photojournalism

Magnum Foundation’s Emergency Fund (EF) is proud to announce the launch of an initiative
with Mother Jones to feature the work of Magnum Foundation EF photographers.

In partnership with the EF, Mother Jones will publish 10 photo essays at or in Mother Jones magazine, reaching a combined audience of 4 million people. Mother Jones creative director Tim J Luddy describes the new partnership as based on mutual ambition: “What documentary photographers capture in pictures – those fraught human moments in the face of adversity, outrage, or absurdity – is what Mother Jones captures in journalism. Everybody wins with this unprecedented partnership: Photography supported by the Magnum Foundation gains an expanded network with a widely-respected venue and we get to share extraordinary photo essays with our readers.”

“In today's media landscape, we need to work together to support photographers committed to doing in-depth reportage on critical issues not covered by today's main headlines,” adds Susan Meiselas, acclaimed photographer and president of the Magnum Foundation. “Mother Jones, a publication that continues the important tradition of fearless investigative journalism, is a powerful platform for photography independently produced through the Magnum Foundation.”

The first photo essay under the new partnership is online now! Karen Mirzoyan’s story “Unrecognized Islands of Caucasus,” is a series that chronicles the transitional state of unrecognized republics in a region torn apart by years of war. 

For more information about the Magnum Foundation-Mother Jones partnership, or to schedule an interview, please contact Elizabeth Gettelman or Emma Raynes.


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