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MacFarlane Roasting Pheasants
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Holiday Roasting Pheasant
Now is the Time to Save Big on Pheasant for Holiday Menus

3.5 to 4 lb. birds $3.60 per lb.
4+ lb. birds $3.40 per lb.

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Elegant Holidays Start with MacFarlane Pheasant
Discover how MacFarlane Pheasant holiday recipes for foodservice operations can combine timelessness, tradition and taste—all with a contemporary flair. Pheasant is an image-maker, offering the classic simplicity of gourmet comfort food. This high-quality, unique protein has a long-standing tradition as a celebration food. Help your foodservice customers bring gourmet roasting pheasant to holiday menus today!

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Offer valid 10/1/12 to 10/31/12.

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