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April 19, 2012

The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it...
Psalm 24:1

Creation is God's original and greatest act and gift: dark & light, sea & sky, plant & creature, and us humans.  After making it all, God deemed it good.  God then gave us the charge, power, and authority to be stewards of all of creation.  This most amazing circle of creation is the house and home God built, and we are the tenants. 


We  know that the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains...
Romans 8:22

 Just as Paul wrote to the Romans about the groaning of creation for rebirth and redemption in his day, so creation continues to cry out to us.  Days are darker and the nights are brighter, skies and seas suffer, plants and creatures disappear. 
We have not been good tenants - we continue to violate our lease with God. 

This Sunday is Earth Day.  In worship, study, song, and prayer we will rejoice in the goodness of God's creation - this special circle that is our home.  At the same time we will acknowledge the groaning of creation - the ways in which it is compromised and threatened.  We will confess our culpability in the groanings, and contemplate actions to reduce the labor pains.

We also continue to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus in this season of Easter.  The salvation offered from the cross and through the tomb was for all of creation.  Jesus died to offer reservations on the Resurrection journey for all that God has made and called good.  May the Alleluias we offer in this season be so expansive to include every piece, part, and portion of creation.

Words for Worship

Click here to read the passages we will hear in worship, and then come at 8:45 on Sunday to share what you think!
Psalm 13
Romans 8:18-25

Words To Pray & Ponder

Any error about creation also leads to an error about God.
St. Thomas Aquinas

Third Sunday of Easter
April 22

Continental Breakfast
Bible Study
Discipleship Classes
After Fellowship Time
Adults: View and Discuss
"The Age of Stupid"

Female Harmony Society Meeting
Saturday, April 28
Church School Lounge
On May 13, 11 Hanover Saints will take part in the Delaware Marathon as the Hanover Harriers. There are three ways to sponsor the Harriers: visit to make a donation online; drop off your money in the office, in the manila envelope labeled “Hanover Harriers at the Delaware Marathon” in red; or give your money to one of the runners.  All money donated supports the ministry and mission of Hanover.  Please contact Hillary Mohaupt with any questions about sponsoring the Harriers: or 815-985-8407.
The annual Super Sale will be on Saturday, May 5, from 9am - 2pm.  All manner of donated items are welcome, and may be brought to the church on Wednesday (2nd) and Thursday (3rd) between 1pm and 6pm, and on Friday (4th) before noon.  All of the proceeds from our annual extravaganza benefit the ministry and mission of the church. 
Wait until you see the new home for your name tag!  Thanks to master craftsman Bill Tudor, we now have a special resting place for your name tag when it's not around your neck!
This Sunday the Discipleship Classes will begin the Stewardship of Creation theme.  The adult group will view the movie "The Age of Stupid", which offers a look at the world in 2055.  Beginning next Sunday the group will watch and discuss segments of "Renewal", a series about how communities and communities of faith have become more prophetic and active in protecting and preserving of creation.  The children and youth will also engage in stories, conversations, and activities that lead them to become more faithful stewards of creation.  Mark your calendars now for the grand finale: an inter generational trip to the Delaware Natural History Museum on Pentecost!
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